Kiowa County Vouchers - March 2017

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Published Sunday, May 7, 2017
by Kiowa County

The following vouchers were paid at the Regular Meetings held on March 14, 2017 and March 28, 2017 to wit:




Waldin Mills Group Con Trust-Towner Kiosk $3,000.00





American Family Life Cancer Insurance Withheld

CHP - CTSI Health Insurance Withheld           $532.17

Colonial Insurance Accident Insurance Withheld       $6.92

Kiowa County Treasurer State Fed/FICA Tax Withheld, Retirement Withheld, To Offset Direct Deposit   $19,922.07





CDPHE Public Health Vital Statistics  $95.75

Prowers County CMG-Office Rent-$76.28, Supplies-$110.00           $186.28

S.E.C.P.A. PH-Utilities $109.37

Kris Stokke EPR-Contract        $6,666.67

Town of Eads PH-Water         $82.67

Unifirst Corporation PH-Office Supplies        $78.22

Viaero Wireless PH-Phone     $99.13

VISA-Girard National Bank CMG-Trvl Mtg-$546.66, Education-$283.43, Fuel $30.81         $860.90

CHP Health, Life, Dental, Vision and Supplemental Insurance          $2,483.05

Eastern Slope Rural Telephone EPR Phone-$54.64, P/H $109.25     $163.89

Kiowa County Treasurer State/Fed/FICA W/held Retirement W/held to offset Direct Deposit      $6,544.64

Kiowa County National Bank HSA Deposit Clearing   $429.00

Pit Stop Oil, LLC Chevy Equinox -3 Transaction of Fuel          $63.18

Verizon PH/CMG-Data Hot Spot         $40.01





Kiowa County Independent Fair- Advertising $45.00




Hickman Trailer Landfill-E-Waste      $4,480.00

ACS Treas-Rental Con $1,214.32; Assr-Rental Contract $1,214.32   $2,428.64

APEX Companies, LLC Landfill-Test Wells      $3,450.25

Atmos Energy Utilities           $806.56

Bent County Sheriff Sheriff-Dispatch $1,925.00

Business Solutions Admin-Contract   $176.43

Colorado Secretary of State  Election-Travel Meeting          $60.00

Colo. State University Extension Extension-CSU COOP Ext   $8,792.25

Crow's Stop and Shop Bldg Maint-Supplies   $142.85

Crow's Stop and Shop Bldg Maint-Supplies  

District Attorney Salaries, Operating Supplies,         $2,476.66

DeLoach's Water Conditioning, Inc. Seniors-Water Treatment        $19.50

E-470 Highway Authority T-Van Travel          $11.10

Eads Auto Supply Maint-Repairs $44.19, Supplies $1,321.75, Sm Tools $7.68; Landfill-Supplies $83.70; Sheriff-Auto Repairs $.68, Sm Equip-$71.33, Camera Repairs-$16.76; Fire Dept.-Repairs $244.91; Maint-Fairground Repairs-$212.84 $2,003.84

Eads Consumer Supply Fire Dept.-Fuel $196.54; Repairs-$48.00 T-Van-Fuel $105.20        $349.74

Eads Medical Clinic Transit-Physicals $134.00

Eastern Slope Rural Telephone Telephone    $1,481.26

Fairpoint Communications Towner Telephone          $37.08

Gobin's Inc. Admin-Service Agreement         $72.76

Great American Financial Services Sheriff-Office Supplies  $56.49

High Plains Energy, LLC Bldg Maint- Towner Rec Propane

Jack Howard Ambulance-Contract Labor       $350.00

KCEDF Donation-Dream Big Aerospace Day  $500.00

Kiowa County Independent Treas-Legal/Pub-$149.18; Admin-Adv./Printing $148.00; Legal/Pub $950.00; Landfill-Advertising $38.70   $1,322.28

Kiowa Healthmart  Sheriff-Postage $19.98; Eads Snrs-Hobby Supplies $5.07,        $25.05

Kiowa County National Bank Sheriff- Service Cars $1028.03; Debt Service Trucks $1,016.99; Admin-Lease Payment-$531.25    $2,576.27

Kiowa County Press Admin-Ad/Printing $37.50         $37.50

Lamar BMS Maint-Community Bldg Repair  $134.82

LAVAAA 2017 Annual Dues

Plains Network Services Clerk-Office Supplies          $29.80

Prowers County Jail Jail-Prisoner Keep 4800.00 Prisoner Med/Dr $61.98    $4,861.98

Ranchers Supply of Lamar LLC Fire-Repairs  $71.62

Saul's Creek Equipment, Inc. Maintenance Contract $3,420.00

S.E.C.P.A. Utilities       $2,000.74

Stop Stick, LTD Sheriff- Sm Equip-$624.00, Freight-$22.00  $646.00

Thunderbird Petroleum Products Fire Dept.-Repairs $452.01

State of Colorado CLERK- Postage     $80.52

Town of Eads Utilities            $209.04

Towner Recreation District Towner Seniors-Utilities            $150.00

Tri-County Ford GMC Sheriff -Auto Repairs   $467.56

Unifirst Corporation CG-Bldg Supplies           $570.98

Viaero Sheriff-Telephone       $337.42

VISA Admin-Supplies #30.35; Landfill-E-Waste $1048.60, Training $57.90; Maint-Com Rm Bldg Blinds-$550.57; T-Van-Fuel $37.50; Sheriff-Case Prep $70.50, Train Tests-$28.99, Misc.-$68.39, Trvl Lodge-$9.13, Uniforms $89.99,Postage $6.95, Jail Prisoner Keep-$127.58, Prisoner Transport $45.01 $2,507.11

Weis Fire & Safety Equipment, Inc. Fire Dept.-Repairs $165.32; Operating Supplies $732.00       $897.32

West End Golden Seniors Seniors-Utilities   $300.00

ACCA c/o Tonya McCann ACCA Membership Dues 2017       $100.00

County Health Pool (CHP) Health, Dental Life, Vision and Supplemental Insurance $22,498.98

Colorado Bureau of Investigation Sheriff-Misc.         $105.00

Colorado  State Patrol Sheriff-Capital Outlay            $6,000.00

Colonial Supplemental Insurance Elective Benefits  $128.85

Eads Chamber of Commerce Refund Community Snow Goose Fest            $100.00

Gonzales's Unlimited T-Van Auto Repairs    $483.40

Kiowa County Treasurer State/Fed/FICA W/held Retirement W/held, to Offset Direct Deposit    $75,724.09

Kiowa National Bank HSA Deposit Clearing   $518.00

Legal Shield Elective Benefits            $12.95

Michael's Service Com Bldg-Repairs $240.00

Neve's Equipment & Uniforms Sheriff- Uniforms     $371.90

Ogallala Commons Inc. 2017 Youth Entrepreneurship Fair   $200.00

ProForce Law Enforcement Sheriff-Ammo    $430.11

Quill Corporation Clerk-Office Supplies         $87.26

Kiowa County Road & Bridge T-Van  Repairs $20.24; Landfill-Repairs $46.44, Fuel $42.00, Diesel-$272.13; Bldg Maint-Fuel $65.63     $446.44

SECPA Maintenance-Bldg Repairs     $166.47

Shinn, Steerman, & Shinn County Attorney-Legal Fee          $112.50

Verizon DEM-Cell Phone         $146.20

Viaero Wireless Landfill-Phone$38.95, Maint-Phone $122.90          $161.85

Weisbrod Hospital Sheriff-Case Prep $61.50

WEX Bank Sheriff-Auto Fuel  $1,075.60

Wheatland Electric Cooperative Towner Streetlight/Siren   $192.49





Ryan Sneller RB/Admin TV Contract  $4,125.00

4 Rivers Equipment Repairs and Outside Repairs     $1,470.65

Airgas USA, LLC Supplies        $23.59

Atmos Energy Gas Utility       $157.09

Barnett Pit-Bill Barnett Gravel           $3,410.00

Bluetarp Financial, Inc. Equipment Repairs   $39.99

Bruckner Truck Sales Equipment Repairs      $161.15

CAT Financial Services Corp. Equipment Payments   $6,807.48

Cintas Corp Supplies

Colorado Natural Gas Inc. Utilities-Gas Sheridan Lake Shop            $206.17

Crow's Stop and Shop RB/ Supplies   $7.99

Dinkel Gas Company, LLC Propane

Eads Auto Supply & Hardware Supplies, Repairs Filters, Small Tools          $1,492.89

Eads Consumer Supply Supplies, Fuel and Tires        $7,539.54

Eastern Slope Rural Telephone Telephone    $78.96

Fairpoint Communications Telephone-Sheridan Lake           $39.85

Haswell Propane & fuel Repairs and Outside Repairs          $5.71

Jack Howard Equipment Tires and Fuel         $129.76

Rother Pit-Lochurst Farms LLP Gravel           $374.00

MHC Kenworth-Pueblo Outside Repairs        $123.35

S.E.C.P.A. Utilities       $885.09

Sheridan Lake Water Company Admin-Water           $30.00

Thunderbird Petroleum Products Supplies, Repairs and Fuel           $15,073.27

Town of Eads Fairgrounds Water      $257.33

Town of Haswell RB-Water   $35.00

Unifirst Corporation Mats, Uniforms, and Supplies  $832.37

Woller Auto Parts, Inc. RB-Repairs    $80.00

Ark Valley Diesel Equipment  $377.53

CHP Health, Dental, Life, Vision, & Supplemental Insurance $16,120.50

Colonial Supplemental Insurance Elective Benefits  $30.24

Dissco Road Oil           $1,659.00

John Deere Credit Equipment Payments        $6,368.66

Kansasland Tire Tires $472.46

Kiowa County Treasurer State/Fed/FICA W/held, Retirement W/held, to Offset Direct Deposit   $35,475.54

Kiowa County National Bank HSA Deposit     $856.00

MHC Kenworth - Pueblo Repairs        $396.83

Curtis Pettitt CDL Physical      $100.00

Wagner Equipment Service Agreement        $868.25



ATTEST: Delisa L. Weeks, County Clerk




During the regular meetings of the Kiowa County Board of Social Services held during March, 2017, the following bills were approved for payment:

                                    COUNTY SHARE

GENERAL OPERATION                                    $1,810.10

Directoir                                  $1,312.07

Lead CW/APS Caseworker                              $471.66

CW/APS Caseworker                          $257.24

Eligibility Tech                        $604.83

Child Support/Child Care                                $1,144.41

Fron Office/LEAP Tech                                   $654.60



Submitted by Dennis Pearson, Director, Kiowa County Department of Social Services.


/s/ Dennis Pearson                 March 1, 2017


ATTEST: Delisa L Weeks, County Clerk

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