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M Building kicks off Wyoming Historic Preservation Month

Eric Galatas

(Wyoming News Service) The Alliance for Historic Wyoming is putting a spotlight on the people responsible for preserving places during Preservation Month, which kicks off next week.

Diane McGinley helped transform Casper's 1964 Wyoming National Bank into what is now known as the M Building. McGinley said when she and her husband first moved to the area 14 years ago, she was immediately struck by the midcentury modern architecture surrounded by rectangular and square buildings common to the Rocky Mountain region.

"And I thought to myself 'what is this unique building doing here?' This dome feature, so unique, especially how it went underground," McGinley recounted. "And was immediately compelled to learn more about it."

The building's original designer, Denver architect Charles Deaton, is noted for his futuristic clamshell-shaped house featured in the 1973 Woody Allen film "Sleeper," and Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City. The M Building is now home to the McGinleys' multiple businesses relating to musculoskeletal radiology and sports medicine, as well as a multiuse event center in the iconic rotunda.

McGinley explained during her design process, she intentionally made space for original furniture, pieces of art and other items from the building's history to be prominently displayed.

"The building itself had a lot of history in it," McGinley pointed out. "The Wyoming National Bank and Wells Fargo did a great job of keeping track of the history of the building, and we were able to preserve all of those images and things here in the building."

Along with tours, workshops and celebrations, the Alliance for Historic Wyoming and partners will be highlighting people like the McGinleys who make historic preservation possible in communities across the state throughout the month of May. Details are at

McGinley added she is especially proud her contributions are part of a dynamic and growing downtown scene.

"There are so many wonderful renovations and reimaginings that are happening in downtown Casper to make it be a vibrant place to be," McGinley stressed. "And we love that the M Building is existing within that ecosystem."