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Notice to End Parent-Child Legal Relationship


Notice to End Parent-Child Legal Relationship

This notice is given according to C.R.S. § 19-5-105(5).

Case Number 23DR587

Division 12

District Court

Boulder County Colorado

Petitioner: Kelly Rodgers

For the Relinquishment of a Child: Lydia Rodgers

To Anthony Aaker, Respondent:

You are notified that a request to end parental rights was made with this Court. If you wish to respond, you have 35 days from receiving this notice to file form JDF 1315 – Response.

If you don’t file a claim of paternity under Article 4 of Title 19, C.R.S, within 35 days after service, or if a claim has not previously been filed, the Count may terminate you (alleged) parental rights to the child.

Date: 3-13-23

/s/ Clerk of Court/Deputy Clerk

Boulder County Combined Courts

First Published May 19, 2023

Last Published June 16, 2023

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