Notice of Hearing by Publication - Estate of William Cleveland James

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Published Saturday, January 30, 2021

District Court Kiowa County, Colorado

Kiowa County Combined Court

1305 Goff Street

P.O. Box 353

Eads, CO 81036



PURSUANT TO SS 15-12-1303, C.R.S.

In the Matter of the Estate of:


Case Number: 2021 PR030000

To All Interested Persons and Owners by Inheritance 

C. Shelton James

Antonette Cleveland

Virginia Olansen

A Petition has been filed alleging that the above Decedent died leaving an interest in the following property:

An undivided interest in the oil, gas and other minerals in, on and underlying the SE/4 of Section 19, Township 20 South, Range 52 West, 6th Principal Meridian, Kiowa County, Colorado.

Pursuant to C.R.P.P. 8.8, a non-appearance hearing on the Petition will be held at the following time and location or at a later date to which the hearing may be continued:

Date:               April 7, 2021 Time: 8:30 a.m, 

Address:         Kiowa County Combined Court

1305 Goff Street

Eads, CO 81036

The hearing will take approximately 15 minutes.


Any interested person wishing to object to the requested action set forth in the attached Motion/Petition and proposed Order must file a written objection with the Court on or before the hearing and must furnish a copy of the objection to the person requesting the court order. JDF 722 (Objection form) is available on the Colorado Judicial Branch website ( If no objection is filed, the Court may take action on the Motion/Petition without further notice or hearing. If any objection is filed, the objecting party must, within 14 days after filing the objection, set the objection for an appearance hearing. Failure to timely set the objection for an appearance hearing as required shall result in the dismissal of the objection with prejudice without further hearing.

Date: January 15, 2021

/s/ Ross Miller

Ross W. Miller, Esq.

Carleton Gatlin Law P.C.

1580 Lincoln Street Suite 1125

Denver CO 80203

First Published January 29, 2021

Last Published February 12, 2021

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