PROMO Building - Plainview School - Jeanne Sorensen

Plainview scientists compete at the Colorado Science and Engineering Fair

Building - Plainview School © - Jeanne Sorensen
Brenda Fickenscher

On the road to an interesting learning experience for high school Juniors: Destiny Cornelius and Ky Harkness and the JH team of Alexa and Gael Enriquez as they competed in the state competition held in the CSU Lory Student Center ballrooms with 298 contestants displaying their projects.  On Thursday, for a little over four hours, the students had anywhere from five to eleven judges asking them questions about their research, final results and the future use for their project.  On Friday, Brenda Fickenscher, Plainview Secondary Science Instructor and Jennifer Wilson, Principal and Math Instructor exposed the students via tours of the CSU campus and the city of Fort Collins: we listened to Dr. Bryan Wilson give an overview of the development of the former Fort Collins Light/Power Plant into a Powerhouse Energy Campus just north of the railroad tracks on North College Avenue.  It has become well-known as he has spent 30 years leading the researching of hydrogen energy systems, internal combustion engines, oil & gas production technology, advanced electrical grids, biofuels and technology for the developing world; a tour with Noah Newman took us to one of the longest operating weather stations in the western United States (situated just northeast of the student center); and another tour of the Walter Scott Jr. College of Engineering showing a Jet Engine Demo, the SMASH lab and experienced the Creator AI Identification.

Navigating the streets of Fort Collins showed the students many scenic routes to avoid congested traffic areas and to find routes to destinations. The group also enjoyed some unique dining experiences: Fuzzy Tacos, Masa Hibachi Grill, Culvert’s, Freddy’s, and Buccee’s (at Johnstown).  Go-cart racing, laser tag, the arcades, miniature golf and a VR ride rounded out the free time on Friday at Fort Fun.  That evening, we met with Tom and Megan Pape in the hotel lounge to catch up on our lives.  (Tom taught Social Studies at Plainview for 19 years and has now taught for 8 years at a Fort Collins Alternative School.)

The awards program was held at the large Timberline Church on Saturday morning and Destiny Cornelius won first place in the Dental and Forensic Science division, sponsored by Dr. Bob Morrow of Walsh.  A total of 98 awards were given out by the CSEF, industry donors and Universities.

The Plainview scientists would like to thank the Board of Education, Plainview Administration and Staff, Parents and Supporters for making the local, regional and state competition possible.  It had been nine years since competing in any science fairs.

Collage of photos of Plainview School students and staff in various activities.