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Third annual Kindergarten Wishing House dedicated

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March 11, Gay Uhland and her Kindergarten class at Eads Elementary School held a dedication for the third annual Kindergarten wishing house.

PICT Eads Kindergarten Wishing House - Gay Uhland

Eads Kindergarten Wishing House - Gay Uhland

The class placed the special house in the flower bed on the north side of the Kiowa County Courthouse.

Special thanks to Kemma Alfanso and the Kiowa County Commissioners for allowing us to place it at the courthouse.

Another shout out to Chelsea Davis of Demitasse and Roger and Loraine Saffer of Saffer Spay Service for graciously allowing us to continue to have our previous houses there.

PICT Eads Kindergarten - Gay Uhland

Eads Elementary School 2020-21 Kindergarten class - Gay Uhland