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Thoughts, Things, and Trivia by Jack – October 17, 2023

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Jack Johnson

The solitude, peace and quiet of the rural environment is a blessing; a person’s stress level is much lower than the stress level one feels in a metropolitan environment. In a small community a person is more than a face in the crowd, you are recognized for your contribution, large or small, to the community. The community maintains an awareness of your condition and responds accordingly. Of course, the rural environment does not have the amenities and diversity available in the metropolitan environment, but the basics are met. The atmosphere in the rural environment invites families. There is a spirit of camaraderie; Wednesday meals at the Kit Carson Senior Center are totally a volunteer effort with donated meat and cooks displaying their culinary skills, there is no fixed price, you pay what you can. 

I am sitting here with a beer in my hand and contemplating my life’s experiences to date which will end soon. I have been thinking about the good times and the tough times, about the people that I have met, places that I have been, and I have come to realize that someone is watching over me because I would put myself in situations that could have been disastrous or even deadly. As such, I believe in angels, especially guardian angels.

Evidently, the government, mainstream media and social media trolls are not worried about latest attacks by Hamas. Pictures and videos of the Hamas militants show that Hamas militants are not using the typical weaponry of insurgents, but modern weaponry used by the United States military. This leads to the speculation of that the weapons may have come from either Ukraine or Afghanistan and did our president’s family profited from this conflict. 

Good readers, think about how the global situation has changed over the last four years. I believe that the obsession over Trump has clouded everybody's’ ability to handle reality.