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Thoughts, Things, and Trivia by Jack – October 24, 2023

© Chris Sorensen
Jack Johnson

The card party in Wild Horse was a good example of the quality lifestyle offered by the rural environment. There were 22 players, four guests, nine children and one dog in attendance at the schoolhouse. There was plenty of delicious finger food for snacking while playing cards. 

After compiling the scores, the high for the ladies was Kaitlin Johnson, the high for the men was Charles Johnson, the low for the ladies was Raylene Thompson and the low for the men was Cody Jolly. Winner of “Floating Jokers (being dealt both the high and low jokers in the same hand)” for the ladies was Renee Loutzenhiser and for the men was Cody Jolly. 

The county commissioners deserve a big thank you for the remediation and maintenance of the schoolhouse which enhances the spirit and camaraderie community. A boisterous shoutout to the ladies who organize the gathering. 

I got the mail-in ballot for this year's election and am sitting here contemplating when will there be another election that is an accurate and verifiable representation of the qualified voters. Mail-in balloting is overly susceptible to manipulation by a corrupt cabal who wants to establish and maintain control over the populace. 

For decades, voting was limited to one day and the results were available immediately, now voting can be open for days and before tabulation is complete another batch of ballots show up. 

If one questions the validity of an election, they may be charged with a crime, freedom of speech? Good readers, do you have confidence in the present voting program?