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Thoughts, Things, and Trivia by Jack – October 3, 2023

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Jack Johnson

Recently received in the mail the blue book, “2023 State Ballot Information Booklet.” The two statewide measures to be voted on in the 2023 election are Proposition HH and Proposition II which, if passed, would negate the TABOR amendment and eventually eliminate any refunds. 

PICT Jack Johnson

The Democrats, governors, and members of the general assembly have been waging a campaign to find ways to ignore TABOR; they think the voters are stupid. They want more money to fund programs that makes them feel good, not caring about the state’s populace. Good readers, you are free to vote any way you want, but remember that you will have to live with your decision alone. 

In 1960, I was one month shy of being old enough to vote, but I attempted to cast a ballot and failed. The precinct workers asked for identification and if I was registered to vote. I was not registered, and my ID showed that I was not of age. At that time, all the liquor establishments were closed during the hours of voting, so I was unable to drown my disappointment. 

When I was growing up, election day was a community social event, potluck meals, art and craft items for sale, and sometimes farm products were available. In this country, showing up in person to cast a ballot on election day has always been the standard way of exercising that fundamental right. 

During the Civil War, the nation tried large scale absentee voting by members of the military, and has continued absentee voting by members of the military during later conflicts. States began the proliferation of absentee voting by accepting specific and valid reasons for not voting in person. 

The restrictions mandated by the faux Covid pandemic gave the crooked politicians and corrupt bureaucrats the opportunity to control the outcome of elections through mail-in balloting without the proper vetting of the voters. 

Good readers, it would be assuring if voters cast ballots at the precincts. All absentee ballots are submitted by closing of voting hours, and counting of votes to be completed within a day.