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Thoughts, Things, and Trivia by Jack – December 27, 2023

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Jack Johnson

Good readers, I trust that you all had an enjoyable and bountiful Christmas celebration with family and friends. No white Christmas, just windy and cold. Oh, well, this is Colorado. There was a noon meal at the Lutheran Church in Kit Carson for those who were unable to be with family. You’ve got to love the rural environment: always someone there to fill the gap.

Climate Change – Environmental industry uses passive gas emissions sampling to track the direction and extent of the pollution. Hydrocarbon and mining industries use passive gas emissions sampling to verify information from exploration results. Information is garnered from gas chromatography analysis of the compounds in the samplers.

PICT Jack Johnson

This nation is in a world of hurt. I have visited or worked in 41 countries, most countries were ruled by dictators, monarchy, or a solitary group of elites. I have seen the limited choice of products in the retail shops and felt the lack of freedom. It took 240 plus years of following the Constitution, the Amendments, and the Rule of Law for this nation to become the greatest country on this planet. By 2019, this nation had border security, immigration reform, massive deregulations, energy independence, employment regardless of ethnic background, improved healthcare, upgraded federal judiciary, rebuilt the military, and restored American leadership abroad. In three years, the present administration, with the backing of Soros and Obama, has wiped out all the achievements in the process of changing the nation with a socialist agenda.

What brought me to my knees was the ruling by the Colorado Supreme Court that will allow a small number of people to determine who I can vote for in the primary. What is troubling is that the plaintiffs ignored the Rule of Law and acted without any proof of guilt.

Good readers, the 2024 election is the most important election of this nation. Please choose based on ability not personality, the pablum of the mainstream media, and social media.