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Thoughts, Things, and Trivia by Jack – November 21, 2023

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Jack Johnson

I trust that you good readers had a joyful and bountiful celebration for Thanksgiving Day. Thanksgiving is the time for thanking God for blessings such as abundant harvests, safe journeys, health and welfare of family and friends.

The first celebration was in 1621, a three-day harvest festival by the Pilgrims (the immigrants) and Wampanoag (the indigenous populace or native Americans). The native Americans were instrumental in the survival of the Pilgrims. It is my opinion that the native Americans contributed more than the slaves in making this nation great, despite the treatment of the native Americans by the immigrants. Yet, the native Americans are still be treated as second class citizens, while the unvetted descendants of slaves get all the accolades, rewards and are put on a pedestal.

PICT Jack Johnson

Good readers, this nation has a problem, the prevalence of two-tier justice. I have worked in or visited 42 countries on five continents and the use of the two-tier justice system is widespread. It is oblivious in countries run by dictators and/or one major political party. It was used extensively during the colonial period; the European countries would expand their sphere of influence by sending settlers to third world countries. The settlers would establish political control over the indigenous populace, and used the two-tier justice system to maintain control.

The two-tier justice system has two branches: political and economic. Sadly, in this nation, 80 percent of incarcerated persons are from low-income communities.  Those in power use this system to eliminate the opposition through the weaponization of the justice system. Those in power would demand that the general populace strictly follow their agenda while the elite had a wide latitude. The attack on our legal system began in the 1950s when the socialist organized under the guise of the civil rights movement.