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Tips for Healthy Aging from Greeley County Health Services


The month of September is recognized as National Healthy Aging Month, and Greeley County Health Services is working to help educate the aging population on topics that impact them this Fall. Greeley County Health Services is going to be hosting an Aging Expo event Wednesday, October 2, at the Ocie Room beginning at 8:45 a.m. to bring in experts on aging topics to educate the community. Some of the speakers will include Clinkscales Elder Law Firm, Dixon Drug, The Area Agency on Aging, the Alzheimer’s Association, and more. Topics that will be discussed will include Medicare Part D prescription plans, Estate Planning, Long Term Care placement, dementia, and Medicare enrollment. 

In addition to hosting the Aging Expo, Greeley County Health recognizes National Healthy Aging Month and wants to provide some general reminders to help people focus on their health as they get older. 

  1. Keep Moving. Exercise is vital as people age because movement helps the muscles in the body stay limber and helps provide oxygen to the brain for continued brain health. When we age, we don’t feel like moving around quite as much because it is harder, but exercise is just as important at age 60 as it is 30.
  2. Stay Social. Many people who begin to face the challenges of aging are uncomfortable with their looks or their physical abilities and tend to withdraw from social engagements. It’s important to continue to stay active in your community, in activities you enjoy, and be around other people. Socialization plays a part in mental health and battling symptoms such as blues or depression. 
  3. Sleep well. Many times, sleep quality declines as we age, so it is important to discuss that with your doctor if you aren’t getting the recommended amount of sleep each night. There are medical tests that can be run to help diagnose your sleep deprivation and treatments that might be available to help ensure your body is getting enough rest.
  4.  Beat the blues. Depression is a common side effect of aging, but it can be treated. If you feel down much of the time, you should talk to your primary care doctor to begin working on a plan to help you overcome depression or anxiety. 
  5. Stay balanced. As we age, balance becomes an issue for many people causing increased risk of slips, trips or falls. If you have lost confidence in your ability to balance, walk, or do daily activities, there are options through physical therapy treatments. Now that patients can refer themselves directly to physical therapy without having to see a physician first, you can call physical therapy and explain your symptoms, and they can direct you if a balance assessment or other therapy measure could help you gain strength and prevent falls.

If you or a loved one are in the aging process and identify areas that you feel you could use assistance with such as depression, balance, or sleep, please contact us to see if there are treatment options available to assist you. Healthy aging is important for all people. 

The phone number for Greeley County Health Services is 620-376-4221.