Top Ways Seniors Can Stay Young and Active

Top Ways Seniors Can Stay Young and Active

Feature Staff

Aging shouldn’t limit your lifestyle. While it takes a toll on one’s mental and physical capabilities, getting older doesn’t mean you can’t live your life. Here are some of the top ways seniors can stay young and active no matter their age.


Exercise is important for people of all ages. However, it’s especially important for seniors who may not be as young and spritely as they once were. With many different exercises to choose from, there’s no shortage of activities. Consider the benefits of weightlifting, cardio, or even yoga. Exercise in any form supports brainpower, muscles, and self-satisfaction. Hit the gym or go for a walk if you need some physical activity.


Reading is another popular idea. Whether you frequent the library or browse an online marketplace on your phone, tablet, or laptop, there are millions of books to choose from with many genres and subgenres to enthrall you. Reading not only distracts the mind; it also further supports cognition, memory, and brainpower. It’s also a good way to strengthen literary skills. Reading is a simple yet effective activity to keep you busy while giving your brain a mental exercise. Just remember to take breaks if your eyes feel droopy or you can’t focus.

Do Puzzles and Brain Games

Of course, one of the top ways seniors can stay young and active is through brain games and puzzles. These are hands-on activities meant to stimulate thinking. They can also improve memory, mental health, and managing daily activities. Brain games and puzzles strengthen the brain and help mitigate the severity of Alzheimer’s and dementia. While they cannot eliminate the risk of these diseases, stronger brains reduce the severity of brain damage from these ailments. Brain games and puzzles can further support the growth of new nerve cells and neurons. These mental activities delay symptoms of cognitive diseases and support the role of a healthy, young, active brain.