Tornado watch for 8 Colorado counties; 2"+ hail and heavy rain possible elsewhere for the eastern plains Tuesday

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Published Tuesday, August 13, 2019
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by Chris Sorensen

The National Weather Service is cautioning that severe weather is possible for much of the eastern plains of Colorado Tuesday afternoon, and has issued a tornado watch for eight counties until 7:00 p.m.


MAP Severe weather outlook for August 13, 2019 - NWS
MAP Severe weather outlook for August 13, 2019. Courtesy NWS

Severe thunderstorms are likely across the area after 2:00 p.m., bringing the potential for very large hail and tornadoes. Damaging winds with gusts between 60-75 miles per hours and heavy rain producing flash flooding are also expected.

Hail is expected to be two inches in diameter and larger.

Counties at greatest risk for severe thunderstorms stretch from northern Prowers County in southeast Colorado to Sedgwick County at the Nebraska border.


MAP Tornado risk for August 13, 2019 - NWS
Tornado risk for August 13, 2019. Courtesy NWS

The greatest tornado risk reaches from northern Cheyenne County to near the Nebraska border, with a slightly lower risk in surrounding counties.

Colorado counties under the tornado watch included Sedgwick, Logan, Phillips, Washington, Yuma, Kit Carson, Cheyenne, and LIncoln. Counties in Kansas and Nebraska are also included.


MAP Tornado Watch for August 13, 2019 - NWS
Tornado Watch for August 13, 2019. Courtesy NWS

Tornado Safety Tips

If a tornado warning is issued for your area, consider these safety tips

  • Avoid windows
  • Go to a basement and use a sturdy table or mattress for protection
  • If a basement is not available, go to a central, windowless room on the lowest level
  • Mobile homes / manufactured home are NOT safe, even if tied down - go to a shelter
  • Vehicles are not safe in a tornado - go to a shelter
  • If you are caught outdoors, seek shelter in a sturdy building if possible - if not available, lie flat on the ground, use your arms to cover your head, and stay far away from trees
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    PROMO Weather - Chart Severe Weather Outlook category descriptions - NWS
    Severe weather outlook category descriptions. Courtesy NWS.