USDA Update

USDA Update
Published Saturday, August 27, 2016
Agriculture USDA Service Center Update
by USDA Service Center Staff

By USDA Service Center Staff


  • September 2, 2016 - Last day to purchase 2017 NAP policy for triticale.
  • Monday, September 5th, USDA office closed for Labor Day
  • Tuesday, Wednesday, September 7th and 8th - NRCS office closed-  FSA short staffed
  • Kiowa County COC meeting - September 13th.
  • September 14th - Last day for producers to graze CRP Routine Grazing.
  • September 30th - CRP haying deadline, hay must be removed by November 13th.
  • 2nd Tuesday each month - Farm Loan personnel in Kiowa County FSA Office. 
  • CRP GRASSLANDS SIGNUP - No date announced for next ranking period.

Loan Deficiency Payments

Sad to say there was a rise in LDP rates this past week.  Friday, August 26th reflected a 14 cent per bushel LDP for wheat.  The effective PCP which is the posted county price is based off a 5-day terminal market average.  The PCP doesn't follow the daily market.  If there is a drop in the market on one day it most likely will not be reflected on the LDP rate for the next day at the FSA office due to the fact it is averaged over the previous 5 days. 

LDP rates for the previous week.

The website to check daily LDP rates is as follows:


Producers need to be certain to check their mail and even their email for form CCC-941, AGI 'Average Adjusted Gross Income' form.  The office sent out a large group of AGI forms this past week.  The form must be on file and verified by the IRS before payments can be issued.  The office will be issuing 2015 PLC (Price Loss Coverage) payments in October.  If the AGI form is not on file; the payment will not be issued.  Be certain to look for mail from the FSA Office. 


In February, 2016 Colorado FSA announced a change to the CRP Routine grazing frequency date.  Colorado now has two 60 day grazing periods.  The haying period remained unchanged.


Routine grazing can occur 1 out of every 3 years after cover is fully established. First calendar year period is July 16th- September 14th, and the second period is October 1st - November 30th.  Routine grazing can occur 1 out of every 3 years after cover is fully established.  Grazing plans must be obtained through NRCS and CRP participant must complete paperwork through FSA Office.  The 25% rental rate reduction must be paid in advance or subtracted from the CRP producer's annual rental payment.   Producers could maximum grazing potential by beginning the grazing during the fiscal year period which begins October 1st.  A producer could use the CRP twice during the fiscal year if conditions and stocking rates were approved by NRCS. 

Example:  Producer could begin grazing October 1st and end November 30th and then return to the CRP during the July 16 - September 14 and be charged the 25% annual rental reduction once. 

IMPORTANT:  If the livestock grazing the CRP is owned by a beginning farmer and rancher; there is no charge for grazing. 


Dates to hay CRP is July 16th - September 30th.  Bales must be removed by November 13th.  Routine harvesting can occur 1 out of every 5 years, after cover is established.  Producers can hay up to 50% of each field in one specific fiscal year (Oct. 1 - Sept 30).  Producer will be required to leave a minimum of 50% unhayed for wildlife.  The remaining unhayed field(s) can be harvested in subsequent years as long as not more than 50% of the contract acres are not hayed in a fiscal year. 


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