Why it is Important to Pay Off Your Loans Quickly

Why it is Important to Pay Off Your Loans Quickly

Feature Staff

There aren’t too many people who can make it through this world without taking out a loan of some sort. Borrowing money is just a fact of life. Whether it’s for a house, a car, or an education, we all need to borrow money for something, eventually. Do yourself a favor and understand that it’s important you pay off loans quickly.

Do It for Your Wallet

It’s a good idea to pay back your loan fast because it saves you money. That loan collects interest every day that you must pay back to the lender in addition to the starting balance. The longer the loan exists, the more it costs you. A high interest mortgage, for example, has the potential to make the borrower pay for their house twice if it goes full term. Every time you make a payment, try to pay extra. That extra money will come off the principal, meaning you owe less money in the long run.

Do It for Your Credit Score

A credit score tells banks and lenders what kind of person you are. It tells them if you pay your bills, if you pay them on time, and what kind of risk you are. Every time you pay a bill you get points toward your score, and the higher your score, the more attractive you are to lenders. Make sure to pay your credit card bills on time. Later down the road you may want a mortgage for a house, but if you have a low credit score due to late payments, you may end up with a terrible interest rate or no loan at all.

Do It for Your Retirement

Eliminating debt, of any kind, is always a good thing. Outstanding loans you pay month after month, year after year, means your hard-earned money goes to someone else. The 500 dollars a month that currently goes to student loans could, and should, go into an IRA or brokerage account toward your retirement savings. The sooner that loan is paid back, the sooner you can keep what’s yours. Don’t just count on social security to pay for everything when you retire.

Do It for Yourself

Bills are stressful, so get rid of one more bill and pay off your car loan. Worrying about the next pay check and stretching every dollar is not healthy. Paying down debt will let those dollars go much further and reduce your anxiety.