Wildfire Safety – Are You Prepared for a Fire Evacuation?

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Wildfires in Colorado - whether in mountain areas or the open plains - often lead to evacuations. Fire danger has frequently been high in the state due to dry conditions and drought through much of the winter. Drought has become extreme in several areas of the state, further increasing the risk.

A fire evacuation can occur with little warning. You may only have minutes - and some cases even less time - to move yourself and your family to safety.

4 Ways to Crush the Debt that’s Been Crushing You

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Debt continues to be a crushing burden for many Americans. From credit cards to auto loans, mortgages, student loans and medical bills, a high percentage of the nation's households have one or more of those types of debt. 

According to a NerdWallet debt analysis in 2017, the average American household carrying credit card debt owed a balance of $15,654. The average balance for a household with auto loans was $27,669; it was $46,597 for a student loan; and $173,995 for the average remaining on a mortgage.