Whether Fired or Inspired, Five Tips to Reinvent Yourself

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In an age of much change in the business world, more people are reinventing themselves. That could mean learning new skills to fit a new job, landing in a new industry or starting a new business.

Sometimes the change is forced upon someone (fired); other times they force it upon themselves (inspired). The person might even be comfortable in a job, but a new opportunity or goal motivates them to try something much different - to reinvent.

Life Gets Tough, but the Tough Keep Going

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We live in a tough world these days. There are a lot of pressures to be the best, have the most, and still live happy. With all of these pressures comes a lot of negativity. Negativity weighs on you both mentally and physically. Now this is no quick fix method, but I would like to share a few things that help make my world a little better place. 

Start the day with breakfast - I always feel more prepared for the day when I have had something good to eat. Plus, breakfast food is my favorite food. 

Bent County Extension Office Hosting Mediterranean Diet Workshop

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What do vegetables, olive oil, red wine, fish, and whole grains all have in common? They are all key foods in the Mediterranean diet. 

The Mediterranean diet has been, and still is, a well-researched and popular topic in nutrition. The 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines lists this diet as one of three recommended healthy eating patterns.

Three Ways Millennials Can Help Their Baby Boomer Parents Get Fit

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Aging baby boomers who neglect their health and fitness don't just harm themselves. Their lifestyles also affect their adult children, who eventually could end up caring for them - both financially and physically - as their health declines.

Of course, that's not the only reason those adult children might feel concerned. They also may like having mom and dad around and want that to continue for years to come.

So, they have a vested interest in encouraging their parents to get fit and stay fit.


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Dear EarthTalk:Why on earth would cans and other food storage containers contain toxic BPA that can make us sick? Is there any way to avoid it?                         - Melinda Billings, Hixson, TN