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“Out House” At Our House

Dick Scott

The wind Tuesday was really something --guess we should not complain as we escaped some of the terrible problems of other areas. 

We got through pretty well--looked like it might have blown some feathers off the chickens--- and we did have one structure damage.

At our place growing up, we had an "Out-House."  In the very early forties it was there and served a great purpose.  In the late forties it got remodeled a bit but was still there and still served a purpose.  It

was still there when I left home in the mid-fifties and still serving a purpose.  When my folks moved to the nursing home in the late nineties it was still there--but not used much. 

A time came when the old residence was taken down, but the old outhouse was still there. 

I took it upon myself to keep the old outhouse and actually moved it down to my garden.  Not to be used as an outhouse but for a different purpose.  I re-named it the "Old Shedhouse “-- since it was now a garden shed. 

The ”Old Shedhouse" blew over in the wind Tuesday.  It survived 80 plus years of "Halloweens" and was never tipped over, but Tuesday was a first. 

Fortunately, it was not torn up and I will once again upright it and the "Old Shedhouse" will still be there serving a purpose. 

(well, enough of that "shed") 

--Dick Scott