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2023 Centennial farms and ranches includes Blooding Farm in Kiowa County


History Colorado and the Colorado Department of Agriculture recognized the 2023 Centennial Farms and Ranches honorees at the State Fair in Pueblo.

This year’s recipients include:

  • Stone Canyon Co., LLC – Founded 1922 Counter-Dammann Family, Douglas County 
  • Christensen Bros., Inc. – Founded 1923 Christensen Family, Morgan County 
  • Burns-Phillips-Ela Family – Since 1907 Delta County 
  • Bunten Orchard – Founded 1910 Dale and Deborah Johnson Family, Fremont County 
  • Acott Farm – Founded 1898 Acott Family, Logan County 
  • Daniel Farms – Founded 1905 Donald Raymond Daniel and Glenda Kay Daniel Family, Kit Carson County 
  • Rocky Mountain Farmers Union – Founded 1907 Denver County 
  • Tetsell-Toft Farm – Founded 1922 Tetsell and Toft Families, Logan County 
  • Gueck Farm – Founded 1923 Gueck Family, Phillips County 
  • Rupple Family – Since 1914 Weld County
  • 7K Ranch – Founded 1906 Beeson-Walters Family, Kit Carson County 
  • Garwood Farm – Founded 1923 Garwood Family, Montezuma County 
  • Shultz Farm – Founded 1923 Shultz Family, Weld County 
  • Waneka-Thomas-Bateman Family – Since 1860 Boulder County 
  • Amen Angus Farms, Inc. – Founded 1915 Amen Family, Logan County 
  • Walter Amen, Centennial Farmer Logan County 
  • Pfaltzgraff Family – Since ca. 1885 Phillips County 
  • Tappy Ranch – Founded 1910 Marvin and Effie Tappy Family, Weld County 
  • Western Sugar Cooperative – Founded 1901 Morgan County 
  • Hendrickson Farm – Founded 1921 Hendrickson Family, Delta County 
  • Hendrickson-Morris Family – Since 1913 Delta County 
  • Red Mountain Ranches – Founded 1909 Delta County
  • Watkins Homeplace – Founded 1918 Watkins-Livengood-Evert Family, Custer County 
  • Younglund Ranch – Founded 1912 Younglund Family, Weld County 
  • Blooding Farm – Founded 1914 Arthur A. Blooding & Daughters Family, Kiowa County 
  • Colorado State Historic Preservation Officer Agricultural Legacy Award, 2023 
  • The Dry - Alice McDonald and Family Colorado Commissioner of Agriculture Legacy in Agriculture Award, 2023 
  • Ute Mountain Ute Tribe Farm & Ranch Enterprise

Centennial Farms or Ranches

  • The farm or ranch has belonged to the same family for at least 100 years; and
  • The farm or ranch is currently a working farm or ranch

Centennial Families

  • A family with agricultural experience in Colorado that spans 100 years or more (eg. 1922-2022), not necessarily as landowners

Centennial Farmer or Rancher

  • An individual 100 years of age or older who has spent a majority of their life in agricultural pursuits within the State of Colorado, not necessarily a landowner

Centennial AgriBusiness

  • An organization or business that has been in operation for 100 or more years and primarily serves the agricultural community in Colorado (examples: seed companies, farm implements, Farm Bureau, etc.)

Pictured accepting the award are Art Blooding daughters and their families. Sylvia, Mary, and Areta live in Kiowa County. Micki and Shaleta are residents of California