5 Tips for Buying a Car with Hail Damage

5 Tips for Buying a Car with Hail Damage

Feature Staff

A hail storm is a destructive force of nature that can damage everything in its path. Hailstones can be as small as a pea or as large as a baseball. As such, cars with no protection are at risk of becoming damaged during this weather phenomenon—it will turn a beautiful, sleek car into a dented mess in no time. New cars that sit in a dealership’s lot often suffer this fate; however, it presents consumers with an opportunity to take advantage of the damage. Individuals looking to buy a new car can get a great deal on these vehicles, as dealers want to get them off their lot quickly. But before you commit, there are some things to know about buying a car with hail damage.

Find Out the Real Value of the Car

Before settling on a deal for a hail damaged car, you’ll want to know the full price of the vehicle. Once you know how much the car would have sold for prior to the damage, you can ensure you’re receiving a deep discount. Take time to research online what this make and model typically sells for brand-new.

Ask About Damage

Along with the inevitable dents, find out if the hail storm broke any windows, which required replacing. If a window broke during the storm, then there was probably water damage to the interior as well. If this is the case, you may be able to reduce the price further.

Determine Insurance Costs

Ask for an insurance estimate—dealerships have insurance to cover damaged cars, same as you do. What you’ll want to know is the figure the insurance company gave the dealer when determining the cost to repair the car. If the dealer won’t disclose this information, chances are they’re trying to keep some of the insurance money and stick you with a bad deal.

Meet with a Mechanic

If you’ll want to repair some of the hail damage down the line, request that a trusted repair shop looks at the car before you purchase it. Keep their repair estimate in mind when making a deal to ensure you’re getting the vehicle at a fair price.

Call Your Bank or Lender

Many banks and loan companies will not offer loans for a car with hail damage. The depreciation on cars is high, and banks don’t want to lend money for something already damaged.

Once you get a great deal on a car with hail damage, you’ll want to make sure it doesn’t suffer any further abuse from the weather. Be sure to invest in a carport or garage to ensure that your vehicle doesn’t end up with any more dents or dings.