7 Ways to Keep Your Kids Healthy During the Winter

7 Ways to Keep Your Kids Healthy During the Winter

Feature Staff

As we get deeper into the winter season, a lot of us may be tempted to stay indoors. The abundance of snow, the low temperatures, and the coziness of our homes keeps us looking through a window. However, staying indoors for months on end can take quite a toll on our mental and physical health—this especially applies to children. This year, take a look at the various ways to keep your kids healthy during the winter—their renewed health and energy will thank you.

Ensure Hydration

Hydration is always essential to a healthy lifestyle, but it’s even more vital during the winter. Water helps the body fight common winter infections and illnesses by sweeping to toxins out of the body, which decreases children’s chances of getting sick.

Keep Them Active

Movement is essential year-round, so don’t let your kids (or yourself) skip out on exercise in the winter. Get them outside—they may want to hunker down inside away from the cold, but keeping them active and letting them breathe fresh air will keep their bodies in good shape. There are many different ways to keep kids active in the winter—playgrounds and snow play are fantastic options!

Skip Sharing

Now, this is not referring to sharing toys and being a generous person. Rather, this refers to reminding your children not to share food and drink with others, especially at school. Kids may feel inclined to share their drinks with their classmates—remind them that sharing like this may lead to sickness.

Limit the Sugar Intake

The winter months are booked with holidays, which often means sugar overloads for the kids. Try your best to limit their sugar intake, as the buildup of these processed snacks will increase their chances of getting a cold, the flu, and more. Instead, offer up fruits and veggies—the healthier they eat, the healthier their bodies will be.

Teach Them to Wash Their Hands (Properly)

Sure, your children may say they washed their hands, but if they were in and out of the bathroom in less than five seconds, those germs are likely still stuck to their hands. Just as eating fruits and veggies makes their bodies healthier, washing hands will keep them cleaner—which means healthier! Make sure they wash their hands before and after meals; after touching dirt, animals, or another person; and after sneezing, coughing, or blowing their nose.

Stick to a Sleep Schedule

Make sure your kids get enough sleep this winter. If you want them to be able to fight off any viruses, then their bodies needs a chance to rest and do just that.

Provide Essential Nutrients

Lastly, make sure your kids are getting the nutrients essential to their health. This can include a wide variety of vitamins, but they may lack some specific ones during the winter, including vitamin D, probiotics, fish oil, vitamin C, and iron.