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About Town – April 11, 2022

Doris Lessenden

This is Holy Week. Shalom, fellow Americans.

Last Sunday, I was surprised to see a daffodil blooming as I turned the corner by Jeannie D. Whirmire’s home. As I passed the former Herzog home on Maine across from Frank and Marci Miller’s home, there I saw seven yellow daffodils swaying in the breeze. During this week, I discovered that my daffodils are blooming, but they are under tumbleweeds! Well, that’s Colorado for you.

During March, we watched for the usual flock of turkey vultures arrive, which usually roost in the courthouse park’s tall trees. I am disappointed to have seen only two of those unusual birds perched in the trees.

The Eads Chamber of Commerce met last Wednesday with a full agenda. It is good to have Jan Richards back with us. We decided to whom we will award the Citizen of the Year and the Volunteer of the Year. These will be presented at the annual Kiowa County Economic Development Foundation meeting at the senior citizen center the evening of May 3. KCDEF will announce the Business of the Year in the county. President Dennis Pearson has been conferring with Colorado Parks and Wildlife Officer Mariott about the annual Kids Fishing Day, which will be May 15. The Chamber provides the picnic food, and the wildlife officers educate the children and give them prizes and gifts. If you have time that Sunday afternoon, you can park on the hill above Jackson’s Pond to see how gratifying it is to watch parents or grandparents with their young ones teaching them and just having a fun time. Treasurer Marilyn Baxter stated that there are many Eads Bucks still out that need to be spent at one of the local stores soon. Since Marilyn has sold her insurance business, Brandon and Angela Hoffman will take over the finances and sell the Eads Bucks from their 911 Store on Highway 96/287. It is gratifying to know that many of the local businesses and families buy Eads Bucks for gifts these days.

One of the nicest happenings at Anna Gunderson’s funeral was that her nephew, Brian Bledsoe, Channel 11 Chief Meteorologist, delivered her obituary and spoke for the family. Toni Jones’ husband, Steve Schrivogel, played many of Anna’s favorites on the piano

Many Eads senior citizens braved the fierce winds last Thursday to visit and enjoy the very delicious April brunch. Gail Voss, our director, had decorated the room and tables in pastel colors with cute ceramic Easter bunny center pieces and spring décor. Oh, the wonderful food and fellowship was well worth the struggle in the strong winds. Gail announced that Rick and Koy Glover, who lived in Hawaii during his Navy years, will barbeque the meat dishes and freeze pineapple homemade ice cream for the lunch meeting April 27. Note that the date is a week later than usual because the students will be decorating our center for their prom!

Last week, I divided the remainder of my recipe books and collection with my family members. One treasured recipe is going to Doctor Sean Oquist because it is his grandmother, Hannah Oquist’s, St. James Cake recipe. She was our dear Swedish country neighbor. People are so grateful that Dr. Oquist comes from Lamar one day a week to adjust people of all ages from this county and surrounding communities.

Jose Hernandez and his sons, Dominic and Damian, have formed a new construction business in Eads. They have been remodeling homes and are available to do fixer-upper jobs.

Some track meets and baseball games had to be postponed last week, but Friday was a sunny warm day for baseball in Eads as the Eagles won the first game 4-2 over the Baca County Wolverines. Saturday, the Eagle track teams were back on the road for meets. 

Students at Eads and Kit Carson are getting excited to go to their respective proms. The nice thing that will happen in Eads April 23 is that people can go to the Plains Theatre before 8:00 p.m., buy some treats at the concession stand, and sit down in those plush red velvet seats to watch the Grand March of the young men and women dressed in their finery before they walk across the street to the Eads Senior Citizen Center for the prom. For many years, only juniors and seniors could go to the prom, but like many schools on the plains, the student bodies are smaller, so all high school students are invited to go.

Friday, April 15, is Good Friday, the day Jesus was crucified. In the Eads United Methodist Church, the Kiowa County Ministerial Fellowship will conduct a service at 6:30 p.m. Sunday, people can gather and park on the east side of the three crosses at the end of north Maine Street for the sunrise service at 7:00 a.m. The four Eads churches have special services, and most or all have a breakfast.

Saturday afternoon about 1:00 pm there will be a fabulous Easter egg hunt on the courthouse lawn in Eads for young children. It is remarkable to watch!

When I visited at Weisbrod Hospital, I learned that several key positions have been filled with good employees who are excited about their new job.

Next week I will tell readers about the Ag Appreciation Day celebration that was held at the fairgrounds.

Peace be with you.