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About Town – April 15, 2019

Doris Lessenden

“He is Risen! He is Risen indeed!”

That is a statement spoken by believers on Resurrection Sunday (Easter) morning around the world. They proclaim that Jesus has risen from the grave (tomb).

This is Holy week. Good Friday service in this county will be on Friday, April 19, in the Eads First Christian Church at 6:30 p.m. led by the County Ministerial Fellowship Pastors. There will be several sunrise services and breakfasts followed by worship services Sunday.

One of the highlights of last week was that quite a number of folks from Kiowa County drove to Lamar Community College to the annual dinner meeting of the Southeast Colorado Power Association. This is an electric co-operative which is over 80 years old. Brad Buck is the elected representative from our District 3. The brisket dinner was served by FFA members from Holly, Lamar, Wiley, and McClave. It was good to see our former FFA advisor, Lance Jagers, in charge, and his freshman daughter, Cassidy, who was serving the meal. His little daughter is a young lady now. Dwight Lessenden, Betty Crow, Gloria Peck, and Don McCoin won money prizes and I won a huge television which I donated back and was glad that L.D. and Phyllis Nelson of Eads-Haswell won. People were glad to see Peggy Heuller Koen and John Bowers, both former Eads residents, who work with SCPA at the La Junta facility. Chris and Karen Henderson, former Eads educators, were interested in news of Eads people. Their son, Jeffery, was a scholarship recipient and a platform speaker. Their twin daughters study at Texas University.

People are still talking about what a pleasure it was to watch the talent show last week hosted by the Crow–Luther Cultural Events Center board. The Uhland brothers were outstanding, and it was so exciting to hear so many grade school students who so bravely grab the microphone and sang solos boldly and beautifully. This talent gives such hope and good expectations for future concerts in the Plains Theatre. The concert-goers especially enjoyed the grand finally when the Rhett and Spencer Uhland and Jamie Crockett accompanied on guitars the 80-some children singing “Country Roads.” Terry Riley, Theatre Technician, did a great job with lighting and sound for the production. Mrs. Monica Uhland continues to direct and produce such marvelous programs. Monica is such a valuable educator for our children’s appreciation and participation in the fine arts. Her next project will be the spring concert Thursday, May 2, for elementary students. Mrs. LaDawne Britton’s art class had display of their art projects also.

It is a privilege to serve on a volunteer committee for Weisbrod Hospital District called Patient Family Advisory Council (PFAC) which meets every two months. It is facilitated by ReNay Crain and Brandy Turcotte in an effort to seek suggestions for ways of improving the services of the Hospital District, and to educate members about programs so that we, as members, can help to explain to others in the community what we have learned from these presentations. Another advantage is hearing from employees about the role of their job, and also from speakers or vendors. Jason Knudson and Bob Walters came from Denver to represent Care Connect Helicopter Service which most of us refer to as “flight for life.” We learned that our Eads Town Council really did pay the premiums for households in the Eads city limits if a person needs to be flown to a city hospital. We are served out of La Junta. This service can apply anywhere in the USA when a person buys the additional premium, of which there were six Eads people last year who were flown out and there were 27 towns people who were transported. The flight bills can be $35,000.00 to $65,000.00 dollars. Out of pocket costs could be astronomical! So, this is a great benefit to the people of Eads. Thank you, Mayor Joe Shields and Town Council. Nurse Lacy Lawrence explained about “The Patient Portal” which all people can sign up for to know about all their medical records, appointments, medications, vaccinations, and general health care. Nurse Kourtney Richards also explained some of her job roles having to do with personal care plans and control of chronic health issues.

The Eads Prom is Saturday, April 20. The public may come at 8:00 p.m. for an hour for the presentation of the students dressed in their formal attire, and the crowning of the Prom King and Queen.

The Weisbrod Hospital Auxiliary had their meeting and lunch at Prairie Pines Senior Living Center last week. They were pleased to have former member, Delores Rector, come to the meeting, and for Diana Flory to join the group. Her mother, Dora Pearcey, was a worker for years in the auxiliary. Several ladies went to the nursing home last week to play Bunco with the residents. Hospital week is being planned for May 12-18. 

FNX is a television station that one can learn so much about Native American tribes. It is contemporary and educational in presenting historic facts and present-day life of tribal people in the United States and Canada.

We express our sympathy to Bill Kent, Chandler and Brianna (Kerfoot) Kent and children of Kit Carson, and Bill and Carmen’s daughters, Jessica and Cassie, and spouses in the loss of their wife and mother, Carmen Kent. Carmen was a very beloved elementary school teacher and Knowledge Bowl Sponsor for many years.

I was pleased to see one of my daffodils on the cover of the Press last week!