About Town – April 29, 2019

PROMO 660 x 440 People - Doris Lessenden
Published Sunday, April 28, 2019
by Doris Lessenden

"Be strong and very courageous" Joshua 1: 7

The Eads FBLA Chapter (Future Business Leaders of America) and their Teacher-Advisor, Shannon (Barlow) Ellenberger, were in Denver last week for the state competitions. For many years the FBLA convention has been in Vail, however this year they were held at the new Gaylord Hotel. According to some of the students it was an extraordinarily beautiful decorated hotel.

People are learning to drive more carefully and slowly over the two railroad tracks in Eads because they are actually working on the rails. So that is hopeful.

Mrs. Charlene Gifford's third grade children colored cute chicks breaking out of an egg with movable limbs which are taped to the resident's doors at Weisbrod. The residents enjoyed watching their "adopted grandchildren" having an egg hunt.

At J J's Restaurant last Thursday, we met Tim Hier, who was having Jennifer's coconut cream pie with Ken Wilcox of Eads. Tim and his wife, Lanni (Yolanda), moved to Eads from Lincoln, Nebraska, to buy what he calls Cathy Davis' house on Maine Street. "Old timers" will remember it as Lois Sibcy's home, my favorite fourth grade teacher. Tim and Lanni worked for the Postal Service for 35 years in Lincoln and Denver, where they were friends of the Wilcox's.

Mike and Renay Crain's, son, Justin, was married to Danille, last weekend in Eads. Justin was in the Marines and lived in Tennessee. Danille, of Pueblo, has relatives in Kiowa County, so the Cobblestone Inn was totally booked. Best wishes to the young couple, who both work for the Postal Service in Cheyenne Wells.

Shirley (Harris) Watts' apartment at the end of Maine Street is decorated in such a lovely manner in her favorite motif, giraffes. I knew she collected them, but I didn't know she had them in lamp stands, wall hangings, and glassware! One of her treasures is a dainty pink rose tea set that her brother, Don, brought her from Japan years ago.

Blake Stoker and Levi Johnson are dedicated track team members. They road their bicycles from Haswell to school in Eads Tuesday morning! Their track coaches, Trey Eder and Stephanie Bohlander, are outstanding coaches who appreciate their hard work.

Bunnie Larrew's daughters, Sherry and Barbara, of Alamosa were in Eads last month to help their mother move from one apartment to the other at Prairie Pines Assisted Living Center. Bunnie really likes their help in arranging and hanging her treasures.

What a nice gesture: the Eads Baptist church folk invited the first responders of Kiowa County to their Easter breakfast and service. Readers, don't you think we all should take time more often to say to the sheriff's deputies in our town and the EMT's in our county and the hospital staff "thank you for your service!"? 

Luanna Naugle of Wild Horse is growing a little stronger according to Terry and Areta Laird of Eads, Betsy B. Evans of Kit Carson, and her sister, Linda Gibbs, of Cheyenne Wells, who have visited her at a hospital in Thornton.

Barb Seay and her son, Mike Arth, were in Lamar and Eads to visit last week. It was just too short a time but so good to see our dear friends.

The students tell me, and photos reflect, that the senior parents hosted a nice after-prom party. I understand that Missy, Melissa (Barlow) Jones, did a lot of the planning and organizing for this fun affair for the students. The students received lots of great gifts, thanks to the generous donors. 

Students in the Hebrew class never cease to be amazed at the lessons Ms Liz Hulteen presents to them. Last week, she made a delicious dumpling soup cooked in beet juice with other small cut vegetables and spices. The dumplings were filled with beef and were very firm. I mean, they didn't fall apart as I expected. We are learning about spices, different kinds of flours, and more about the Jewish customs and traditions as well as words. We have three weeks left. Want to join us?

We have had beautiful spring days with warmer weather and lots of pretty blooming trees and bushes about town. The prairies are beginning to green up, and the wheat looks good. Hello to Nicky Teal in Fayetteville, Arkansas, who used to call my mother, Ida, and say, "Tell your readers once in a while about the weather, Ida."

We went out to the fairgrounds Saturday to see what a dog race looks like. Ken Hill, who lives northwest of Eads, organized this first event. The 4-H family of Tim and Gloria Trosper served the lunch and beverages for this first-ever experience in Eads and Kiowa County. We saw a lot of vehicles, a lot of greyhound dogs, and a lot of people out there. Some of the ladies around the coffee hour table knew a lot about dog racing, like Delores Rector, Betty Crow, Loretta Seibel, and LaVerle Kelley.

Johnnie Jacobs called from Nevada. He seems to be doing better. It helps to have a daughter like Terri around who can be diplomatically directive it seems.

Tuesday, May 2, will offer three enjoyable happenings: 9:00 a.m. Weisbrod coffee hour, then at 10:00 a.m. is the senior citizen brunch. Don't be shy, just come, maybe bring some fruit or something, or donate $3.50 to the collection can. The Eads Elementary Spring Concert is at 6:30 p.m. in the gym. It will be wonderful to listen to the darling children.

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