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About Town – April 3, 2023

Doris Lessenden

Jesus said, “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened , and I will give you rest.” Matthew 11:28

This is Holy Week, which began last Sabbath on Palm Sunday, and was remembered by most church families by distributing palm branches to worshippers as they heard the scriptures about Jesus entering Jerusalem on a donkey amidst many joyful people. During this Passion Week, some churches have had Maundy Thursday services recounting Jesus’ last supper with His disciples, and then that night, in an olive tree grove at Gethsemane where they went to pray, Jesus was betrayed by his disciple, Judas Iscariot. After illegal trials that night that led to His crucifixion and burial in a tomb, we celebrate the fact that Jesus rose from the tomb and appeared to hundreds of people before returning to Heaven again. Jesus assured His people that He would come again and take the believers with Him to Heaven. 

April 7, Good Friday services in Eads will be led by the Ministerial Alliance at the Praise Community Church at 7:00 p.m. The community choir is being organized by Jimmy Brown.

The Eads senior citizens enjoyed their monthly brunch Thursday. More seniors are attending the chair exercise sessions Monday afternoon and Wednesday and Thursday mornings. There is no cost; just come, enjoy a beverage, and follow the exercises by the leader on the screen for 30 or more minutes, whatever is best for one’s own body. It is very good for all our bodies.

A bridal shower was hosted in the Eads Senior Citizens Center for Brooklyn Jones of Eads-Chivington and her fiancé, Sy Spitz. Brooklyn’s mother, Missy, is one of those ten beautiful Barlow women. The cousins hosted a fabulously elegant room and buffet of meats, cheeses, condiments, and desserts for the dazzled guests. It was such a joy to me the see all those pretty and sweet Barlow girls again. I was privileged the sit with their aunt, Joyce Barlow Reedy, who now serves as board chair of hospice that serves Prowers and Kiowa counties.

A huge congratulations from the families and friends of two Eads High School seniors goes to Magdalen Haase and Antonio (AJ) Vasques, who have received the Daniels Scholarships. The students filled out extensive applications then went through an interview process. It is so remarkable to have two students from the same school to receive these scholarships. Congratulations to their parents and teachers for their guidance and support.

Last week, I was disappointed to not get to watch high school baseball from my van. When I called the school this week, Mrs. Britten said some Eads boys did join the team at Wiley. Baseball fans can drive to Wiley April 4 and 7 at 4:00 p.m. to watch those games. Several young men from Kit Carson are traveling to practice and play with the Cheyenne Wells Tiger team.

Stephanie Framel, a 2022 Kit Carson High School graduate, is a nursing major at Adams State University in Alamosa this year. The university’s poster of Stephanie’s statements about her career and educational goals is so admirable.

According to Jan Richards, the Eads Chamber of Commerce will be clarifying the amounts of the Chamber’s scholarships at the monthly meeting April 5. Chamber members are encouraged to attend the monthly meetings on the first Wednesday at noon at JJ’s Restaurant.

The third Community Conversation meeting at the Cobblestone Inn Monday night was attended people who discussed and shared about what they thought the community needs and wants in our new hospital in three years on Lowell Street. This was a prime time for citizens to tell the leaders what services they want the have in the new hospital and extended care unit - what some of us still call a nursing home. It was disappointing that not as many people responded to the surveys or attended even one meeting to listen facts and to speak about their hopes and desires for a new medical facility for our region.

Patients who have been cared for at the Eads Clinic for by Physician’s Assistant Abby Huff received a letter last week that Ms. Huff has been accepted into a Women’s Health Fellowship. We do wish Abby a bright future, and thank her for her kind service in Eads. The hospital district CEO, Beth Bell, stated that people could request the services of one of the following: Morgan King, PA-C; Rachel Bletzacker, FNP; Caitlin Philpy, FNP; or one of the doctors who serve here every week.

Remember to mark your calendar to visit the health fair, which will be held April 14-15 between 7:00 and 11:00 a.m. at the Eads Elementary School.

Congratulations to Elizabeth Kent, Kit Carson elementary student, who was the champion in the Knights of Columbus Free Throw Contest. She is the daughter of Bill and Brianna Kent, and the granddaughter of Craig and Thersea Kerfoot of Eads, and the great granddaughter of my classmate, Ann Kerfoot, of Colorado Springs.

If you are nearby the Kiowa County Courthouse in Eads at 2:00 p. m. April 8, you are sure the see entertaining sights that will happen quickly as the children scramble to pick up candy eggs.

Boys and girls and teenagers across the state are running and participating in all sorts of weather at track meets. 

Let’s be thankful and kind.