About Town – August 12, 2019

PROMO 660 x 440 People - Doris Lessenden
Published Saturday, August 10, 2019
by Doris Lessenden

"Do not forget to do good and to share, for with such sacrifices God is well pleased." James 13:16

The 4-H Exhibit Day happened last Monday. It was a happy affair where members brought their projects into the community building and set them on the display table in the area where a judge from another county interviewed the 4-H member about their project and how they accomplished their goals. In the late afternoon, Extension Agent Tearle Lessenden and his assistant, Krystal Eikenberg, placed the ribbons and Grand Champion and Reserve Champion ribbons on the project and rearranged the projects for public display before the fashion show. 4-H member Hatch Nelson meticulously placed each letter on the east wall for the fashion show backdrop, "Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself." This week, Tearle and the Prowers County agent will take the projects to the Colorado State Fair in Pueblo for state wide judging. They will be returned in time for the Kiowa County Fair, September 11-15. Five girls and a boy modeled garments they had sewn or decorated with paint and jewels. They received ribbons, as well as all the members whose projects won champions. This was followed by a food auction. Rob Morlan came in from the country and generously gave his time to be the auctioneer. Three percent of the member's check went into the Kiowa County Memorial Scholarship. This year, the scholarship will be used by Reagen Johnson at Otero Junior College. After the children took their thank you note to the buyer into the Extension Office, Krystal handed the member their check. Then Krystal mailed the note to the buyer. I can tell you that it was gratifying to see the surprise and joy of a young girl when she received the check and understood this was "real money." She was delighted, and started thinking about "that unicorn toy for $49.99." After, with some visionary talk, she is now thinking of a bank account! 

To add to the pleasure of receiving a check signed by 4-H council officers Chase Stolzenberger and Hatch Nelson, the check was for a larger amount than the buyer paid. That was because a generous 4-H mother of three daughters gave $5 in addition to each member's check who participated in the food auction. How beautiful!

After listening to the Crow-Luther Cultural Events Center Board discuss items, I can summarize two major conclusions. The Maine Street Bash was successful and earned more money than last year. The board has some new ideas for next year and is grateful to all the vendors and all the volunteers who worked to make it a fun twelve hours of entertainment and great food court entrees from several booths. Some food vendors could have earned more money, but they left because they were out of food. The music was great, and the kids had fun, as well as many adults.

The next fundraiser will be for only one month. The CLCEC board will offer red bricks for sale for $100, $225 or $350. They can contain one line for your name and another line of engraving for the side walk outside of the Maine Scoop Ice cream store. Each on will have a star engraved on it. I think this is an exciting venture. No doubt Sandie Weber will be one of the first to buy a star-brick. I remember in the 1960s going to her home for a "Home Economics class home visit, and her bedroom was nearly wallpapered in pages of movie star magazines." (Smiling)

We have been so blessed with frequent rains this summer. Now some people are murmuring about how tall the weeds are and the need to mow lawns more often.

The teachers and support staff went back to school August 7, and the Eads students went back to school Monday the 12th. Older people are saying, "Remember when we went to school in September after Labor Day?"

Vernie Miller of Florida, the mother of Greg Miller of Haswell, has moved from Weisbrod to Prairie Pines. Last week the residents and her family celebrated her birthday with her. Cindy Newman wrote a wonderful biography about Vernie which was so nice so the residents could know more about this dear lady who, in her lifetime, really enjoyed playing golf and tennis. Brandy Turcotte says her little four-year-old son, Nash Galloway, has a birthday the same day as his 96-year-old grandmother, Vernie.

Family and friends traveled the road south of Sheridan Lake to the Splitter farm where Eugene and Judy Splitter hosted the wedding of their granddaughter, Alyssa Splitter, to Eli Jones of Wiley. The young couple met while working in Lamar. They will move to Denver where Eli will continue his education to be a history educator. Eli has family ties to the late Ray and Jane Borns, and Mike and Shirley Morlan of Kit Carson. Alyssa is fondly regarded around Eads as a former sports woman on the Eagle teams, and for being an outstanding 5-Day Bible Club teacher in many towns and cities through the years. 

Remember the big yard sale at Weisbrod Hospital patio Friday, August 16.

Susie Marble celebrated her 60th birthday with her brother, Tommy, of Oklahoma; sister, Violet, of Denver; and other relatives July 27.

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