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About Town – August 5, 2019

Doris Lessenden

“And if anyone gives even a cup of cold water to one of these little ones because he is my disciple, I tell you the truth, he will certainly not lose his reward.” Matthew 10:42

The scripture above is the one that inspired Mrs. Deb Imel to plan the fun Biblical learning activities to use in the Maine Street Bash booth representing the First Christian Church. Several members lent helping hands for morning and afternoon shifts so young people could visit the space for free. Two young girls who helped very much and were so responsible for their ages were Catherine and Hadlee Trosper. Church members had donated money for her to freely hand out bottles of water to people. Each child who played the games received a zip lock bag of goodies to take home. The story was based on the accounts of Moses when Egypt experienced the plagues (disasters). It was colorful and inventive that Mrs. Imel poured beet juice into the Nile River water (on the blue tarp). She added some oils to ward off germs before kids walked in the bloody Nile. She is such an enthusiastic lady to be around! I like her!

Happy 85th Birthday to Nola Engstrom! Many family members and friends came from all over the country to surprise and celebrate with this dear lady. She knew a lot of family members were in town but when they led her next door through the bushes to Rick and Koy Glover’s home, there were more of the town’s people and more family to greet her for her 85th birthday.

Last month, Phillip and Madonna Pollreis went to a park in Colorado Springs to visit and watch the joy of a “cousin’s reunion.” Their daughter, Dawn (Chuck) Bellveal, and daughter, Krista, and granddaughters, Kenna and Cally, came from Denver to join the three Matthews sisters, Kimberley, Kelly, and Kyla, formerly of Kit Carson. The Matthews sisters and their husbands and children had such a good time visiting and reconnecting that they decided they must do this again. Isn’t it wonderful when families take the time to visit, share, and enjoy each other? Yes, notice that I wrote “take the time.”

A number of Eads senior citizens gathered for their first Thursday of the month brunch. It was leisurely and so nice to visit. It was great to have Marsha Mousel and her daughter, Pam Mousel, come from the Denver area to spend time with us and then go out at Kiowa Creek Estates where Pam’s in-laws, Orville and Rita Mousel, live. We saw a number of construction workers in lime green vests and hard hats working in the National Park rooms and senior citizens spaces across the street. There is hope!

Linda Offill has returned from a cruise to various islands where she toured with her sister, Karen, from Pueblo. She will probably have lots of experiences to share with her students this year.

A week ago, there were three yard sales for people to shop at the households of Nola Engstrom, and George and Dorothy Ellicott and June Blooding’s home. The next big yard sale will be Friday, August 16, at the Weisbrod Hospital patio. People can bring items the week of August 12 for the hospital employees to arrange. This is one way the employees are going to try to add funds for hospital repairs.

Thank you to Rhonda Uhland and her daughters-in-law and daughters for organizing the Color Run or Walk during the Maine Street Bash. There were more people walking and running. It was indeed colorful to see people pouring or throwing colored powder on people when they came to turning points. It was good to see more boys and little children involved with the girls and women this year. What a fun gratifying way to support our Prairie Pines Assisted Living Center.

Face painter, Edi Nordquist Lombardi, was busy all day and into the dark applying her marvelous artistic drawings on precious faces. She has added glitter and jewels this year. Bob and Renee Woods had several young great grandchildren here who were painted and tracked a lot of glitter into their home. But that is okay with the Woods’ because they love having those little ones here so much.

Thursday evening was the open house of the Little Learners Care Center that is attached to the Baptist Church. This is a most welcome service and enterprise for families. It is headed up by Tina (Walker) Kraft and her board, consisting of Kayla Murdock, Jennifer Crow, Shawn Kraft, Debi Derby, Braylynn Eder, Jan Richards of the Kiowa County Economic Development Foundation, and Dennis Pearson from the Department of Social Services.

In just a few days last week, the walls and roof of a new office building are up. Jan Richards of KCDEF says they are eager to have the offices occupied in early fall.

Another effort people can support if they would like to “down size” is by consigning items (house goods, appliances, art, furniture, etc.) to the Eads Praise Community Church. This auction will be September 28. Donators need to tell Lane Gooden or Jimmie Brown by August 17 what they plan to bring for the auction in order to be on the sale bill. The sale will help fund five main missions of the church for our community and the world.

What to do if you or someone may be having a STROKE: remember this key word:


  • F = Face drooping?
  • A= Arm weakness
  • S = slurred speech
  • T= time, call 911

Calling for medical attention is critical to get a certain medicine within in hours to avoid loss of mobility and speech.