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About Town – January 20, 2020

Doris Lessenden

“I will sing praise to my God as long as I live.” Psalm 146:2

We live in such a wonderful community! Every week, we experience the goodness of living in our little town of Eads. An example happened last Wednesday night when a large number of people went out to the Community Building to buy a $10 taco meal to benefit Leanna (Woods) Collins and her grandson, Will. She and her late husband, Charlie, have been raising Will since he was a little boy. Ginger McPherson of the Weisbrod Dietary Department told me that some businesses and friends of Leanna helped put on the fundraiser by donating supplies or money. Seven lovely leaders of Weisbrod and former co-workers wore their black and turquoise tee-shirts as they served the hard or soft tacos with a sopapilla cheese-filled desert. The shirts that I referred to are ones they had bought a few years ago to support Leanna when she was afflicted with cancer. Leanna is a survivor, and we are so glad. Many people came to eat and visit, while many other people carried out stacks of food containers to eat at home or at a meeting. When I returned home, I saw many cars around the hospital, the bank (Bunco night), and all the churches, so there was a lot of activity about town.

Jimmie Brown surprised me and blessed me when he came to my home Tuesday afternoon to give me his new CD, “Because I Love Him.” I have always been thrilled to listen to his ability to play the piano so beautifully with all those runs up and down the keyboard. Jimmie recorded this CD in the Praise Community Church, and Doug Pittman of the Down East Boys quartet, who sang here last fall, took it home to his Georgia studio to produce. This CD will be on sale soon. For readers who may not know, Jimmie was one of my former students who now owns three funeral homes in Eads, Cheyenne Wells, and Burlington. He also is a cattleman and farmer and family man. It makes me feel so happy when I see my student friends achieve their dreams.

Congratulations to Trevor Randel, former Eads High School graduate, who graduated from the Marine Boot Camp in California last week! Trevor’s parents, Dave and Janelle Crow of Eads, and grandparents, Jim and Dianna Randel of Wild Horse, and other relatives traveled to share the joy of this occasion. 

Eads senior citizens looked forward to eating Gail Voss’s bierocks Wednesday. Next month, the Sage meal will be Wednesday, February 5, at noon, and the monthly brunch will be Thursday, February 6, at 10:00 a.m. The monthly lunch meeting will be February 19 when Gail plans to prepare chicken fried steaks and gravy, and Joyce Berry will bring mashed potatoes and others will bring pot luck foods.

The Weisbrod Auxiliary had a full agenda last Tuesday for their lunch meeting. They were pleased to have a donation from Pansy Foxworthy’s son, Daryl and Gloria, plus many envelopes of donations for Renee Woods were given to the Treasurer, Loretta Seibel. Toward the end of the meeting, we were glad to have Bob Woods join us, who brought more donations that had been given to him for the Auxiliary. The gold plate will be engraved soon for Renee, to be placed in the entry way glass case. That evening, Alice Glover, Madonna Pollreis, Loretta Seibel, Robin Musgrave, and Doris Lessenden went to the Extended Care Unit to host their annual Bingo games. The residents really liked selecting our envelopes of money from the basket because it usually contained a dollar, which was more than their usual 25 cents. Linda Trosper brought Little Debbie’s cakes to compliment the cheese and cracker treats.

Mandy (Weirich) Adamson, besides being the busy manager of the Hometown Gas and Grill and accountant at the Co-op, is a talented seamstress, especially of quilts, place mats, and clothing. One of her beautiful red-white-and blue star quilts is on display in the hospital dining room this month.

Both Eads varsity basketball games with the Idalia Wolves were exciting, with tied scores back and forth. Saturday was another big day for wrestling in Eads when the school hosted the annual Invitational Tournament of 13 teams, with the County Line Rivals winning third place. The Kiowa County boys who compete with the Rivals are Chase Stolzenberger, Angel Medina, Ty Michael, Aiden Michael, Taite Johnson, Brooks Jones, Shawn Lynch, and Zach Fowler.

Friday, the school hosted their annual Knowledge Bowl, with the teachers and staff and others in supportive roles as readers, timers, and score keepers for many teams from schools around southeast Colorado. Sue Fox and Dawn James are the Eads educators who have organized this fine tournament for years.

Saturday, many friends and relatives of Rosemary (Schmitt) Stoker, whose husband is Frankie Sroker, gathered at the Haswell Community Building (school) for her funeral. Her sons are Gary (Carol), Brent, Kent, and Paul (Glenda). Pastor Janita Krayniack officiated the service, and Nancy (McCracken) Walker was the pianist. Thanks to Wanda Lessenden and the Haswell ladies who coordinated the family lunch and reception foods after the service. Glenda arranged a wonderful photo display of Rosemary’s life for people to enjoy.

Be kind to one another.