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About Town – July 27, 2020

Doris Lessenden

“Thankful people are healthier people!”

The amount of people and number of vehicles and horses at the Kiowa County Fairgrounds for rancher Mike Johnson’s funeral last Tuesday was extraordinary and heart-warming. Mr. Johnson was a rancher who lived north of Eads for 17 years and strongly served the 4-H and FFA programs. The podium was set on a long trailer bedecked with floral arrangements as a horse drawn carriage brought in Mike’s wife, Martha, and his parents as another horse-drawn carriage brought in Mike’s pine box casket. His daughters, Courtney, Reagen, and Morgyn, carried the United States, Colorado, and Texas flags in on horseback, followed by numerous other cowboys and cowgirls to Lee Greenwood’s singing of “God Bless the USA.” Tearle Lessenden led in a riderless horse, Mike’s, in the service, and to the Pioneer Cemetery, while Jamie Crockett and Pastor Mark Imel officiated the service. Pastor Imel’s message was remarkable in telling about Mr. Johnson’s life and relating him to the disciples, Stephen and Barnabas, in the book of Acts in the Bible.

Legacy. Dear readers, I ask you again, “Are you giving some thought to what kind of legacy you are leaving for your family or society in general?”

I am getting to meet my new neighbors, who are slowly moving into their new home on 13th Street. Diane told me when I first met her that they had moved many times during their ministry. She said she and her Baptist Pastor husband really like this town and decided they wanted to settle in Eads. His business card says that he can also offer counseling. Now that is much needed in these days of 2020. I encourage people who may need someone to listen to their problems to call the Southeast Health Group in Eads, or Dara Randel, Certified Counselor, also takes appointments out of the Social Services Offices, or Rich O’Brian.

When we went for our Sunday afternoon ice cream at the Scoop, we saw a handsome couple, who turned out to be Debbie (Price) Howe and Ken Baker of Pueblo. They were looking around Eads and were impressed with all the positive improvements they saw about town.

During the Chamber of Commerce meeting, they counted six new businesses that we had not been able to highlight during the months of quarantine. So, we plan to submit photos about them to our two newspapers in our town. Aren’t we blessed to have them? 

The hospital staff had a retirement luncheon last week to honor Mary (Berger) Englehardt to thank her for her years of work and service to the Weisbrod Hospital District. For years she has facilitated the scholarship program.

Paul, Glenda, and Colby Stoker spent the weekend with their son and brother, Blake, in Denver before he boarded the plane to join the Army on the 20th.

My other new neighbors are from Alabama. Michael is our new Family Nurse Practitioner at the clinic. His wife, Elissa, is a teacher. Their young boys, Briggs and Barrett, say that like it here but they miss the rain! So do we miss the rain!

Next week, August 3, Monday, is the Kiowa County 4-H Fair Achievement Day. This year it will be on a smaller scale, with just the 4-H members with their projects and the judges. There will be no evening fashion show or food auction. Unfortunately, the auction was a big fundraiser for the 4-H Council scholarships. If any readers feel benevolent, their donations would be appreciated by the Youth and 4-H leaders.

Congratulations to our former Eads resident and friend, Dr. Alexa Roberts. Alexa will be honored in August with the “National Commissioners Excellence Award” for her work in our county, primarily for historical preservation in relation to the Sand Creek Massacre National Historic Site and other efforts. Dr. Roberts stated that these local people had much to do with that success by serving on the Historic Commission: Betsy Barnett, Kim Barlow, Benny Fischer, Betty Jacobs, Sharon Johnson, Dan Richards, Carole Spady, Kelly Courkamp, Cindy McLoud, and Janet Frederick. I am adding Rod Johnson’s name to that list also.

Kelly Ramos packed up her belongings last week to return for her senior year at Colorado State University in Fort Collins.

We are eager to go to yard sales in Sheridan Lake, Eads and Haswell next weekend. When in Haswell Friday and Saturday, look for Dusty Eikenberg’s produce stand. Don’t forget to stop at Cindy McLoud’s vintage shop, The Treasure, in Eads. I like to buy little loaves of pumpkin bread there. She sells cans of coffee processed to be decaffeinated in La Junta, and such pretty plants are for sale too!

“If you want to protect your child, teach him or her respect for other people, especially the police officers.” David Clark former Sheriff

The Eads High School students registered for classes last Thursday, and this week the elementary students registered. The current plan is for in-classroom instruction, but there is a Plan 2 if the national health picture changes. Superintendent Glenn Smith states some plans may vary at any time depending on the Colorado Governor.

County Agent Tearle Lessenden has gone to judge exhibits in six counties in the last two weeks. Many of us are eager for fair days in Kiowa County.