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About Town – July 5, 2021

Doris Lessenden

“A cheerful heart is good medicine.” Proverbs 17:22

The Little Leaders Day Care Center staff led the organization of the Children’s Parade for Saturday’s Independence Day celebration on Maine Street Saturday morning. Oh, what a delight to see those little ones and older youth showing off their pretty bikes and small vehicles. They just move too fast to recognize most of them, but it helps when mothers or fathers are with them. They were escorted the entire length of Maine by the police and fire trucks to the play equipment and bouncy toys.

Dusty Eikenberg has a big garden in Haswell. This young man, who is an educator in Lamar and a summertime gardener, will have produce for sale in the Eads town park Saturday, July 10, from 9:00 a.m. to noon, and Wednesday from 5:00 to 7:00 pm.

Exciting plans are set for the Maine Street Bash July 31. The car and motorcycle show organized by Karl and Krystal Eikenberg will be along Maine Street. Chair Betsy Barnett says there will be food vendors, other vendors are signing up for spaces, and the competition games. This year, the Crow-Luther Cultural Events Center stage will be at the south end of Maine and 14th Streets, where bands and local musicians will perform for the audience.

Lane and Deborah Gooden have had house guests off and on every week since Memorial Day. Having her only brother, David and Tricia Alvarez, come for a week from their home in Florida was the highlight! David is a retired police officer who is traveling through many states in America with his wife.

Ken and Kathy Ward are glad to have their daughter, Mary, closer to their home in Wiley now. Mary and her son, Lucas, who attends McClave High School, like their move from Fort Collins. Mary works for the Southeast Colorado Strong that helps and educates small business owners. She recently hosted a 40th birthday party for her brother, Josh, who was also a student at Eads Elementary School.

A number of senior citizens enjoyed the Thursday brunch around red, white, and blue tables at the Eads senior citizen center. A new guest was Phyllis Hegy, who lives in Unity Village. Kenny and Lisa Wilcox were there too. She said they had a good time at the wedding of Lakota Robinson in Wiley last weekend.

July 11 is the birthday of two precious ladies in Eads. Dixie (Weber) Bennett of the class of 1957 will be 82. Also, relatives and friends are invited to a come and go 80th birthday celebration at the Eads senior citizen center for Shirley (Harris) Watts. The party is from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m.

Stephanie Frammel of Kit Carson placed 15th of 85 girls in the state golf tournament. How exciting for Stephanie and her family. Congratulations!

It is good to read Michael Zimmerman’s senior paper for the Millennial Project of 2000 on the early history of Weisbrod Hospital.

The Weisbrod Hospital Auxiliary will meet at 11:00 a.m. for noon lunch Tuesday, July 13, at the Prairie Pines dining room. In August we will return to our usual place at JJ’s Restaurant.

Our sincere sympathy is extended to the families of Kathy Garrison of Eads, who died in a city hospital. Her grieving children, Karl, Krystal, Kasey, and Kemma, spouses and grandchildren, were devoted to her.

We will especially miss seeing Elmer “Red” King at the Kiowa County Fair. He was a resident of Burlington and leaves many grieving relatives after suddenly having a heart attack last week.

Families are encouraged to take their children, preschool age through fifth grade, to the library’s summer reading program from 1:00 to 2:00 p.m. July 7 and 14. Sign up at the library for free and fun times on the east lawn.

Liz Hulteen and I went to the fairgrounds to paint brighter colors on the murals on the restroom house in the arena. My father, Marci Norton, and I first painted them in 2000. Later, my art students, Bobbi McPherson, Rina Wilkes, and Brandi Roberson, painted more designs, and then in 2017, Liz, Mike Arth, and the twins, Kodie and Kaidan Diltz-Lessenden, painted more murals.

Henry Ashida sent me some wonderful photos of Eads state track competitors. He has been a dedicated sport photographer for many years.

Van Brown and his staff, Trent Rittgers, Cade McDowell, and Dante Sierra, were so helpful to me Wednesday when my power chair became locked in my van. What a dilemma! It happened again Thursday night. Tearle Lessenden, came to save me that night.

Please let me say thank you to the Commissioners on behalf of the people of our county who use the transit van, and to the people who prepare to be the drivers and care for the people who need rides to medical appointments. We appreciate this service.

At the time of this writing, I don’t know all the details. But I know many parents have been driving to lots of baseball and softball games. Eads children - boys and girls - are real winners!

July 17 is an important day: it is Floyd Griswould’s 85th birthday party and family reunion. And, in Eads, there will be a Mike Johnson Memorial sorting contest at the Kiowa County fairgrounds with a meal and dance.