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About Town – March 21, 2022

Doris Lessenden

“Cast all your anxiety on Him, because He cares for you.” I Peter 5:7

Eads senior citizens who attended the monthly March noon meal and meeting last week enjoyed the delicious corned beef-potato-carrot entrée. Gail Voss said that it took ten hours to cook the meat. The ladies brought delicious sides and desserts, and the men always give generous offerings because most of them don’t cook. Several ladies were gone for doctor appointments, including our president, Sylvia Weeks, but Vice President Loretta Seibel was there to conduct the meeting. We wished Gail Voss and Pete Koch happy birthdays, and George and Dorothy Ellicott a happy 65th wedding anniversary. Dorothy said, “Yes, Doris, it had been that long since we were in college at CSU-Fort Collins.” George said, “It has been good.” Liz Hulteen read the minutes, and Joyce Berry explained the treasury, which is growing, and we thanked others for the donations. Larry Michael and Gail brought in an attractive beige wing-backed upholstered chair, which they placed on a red designer rug that the National Park Service gave us. It looks nice in the right front entrance alcove. Cindy McLoud of the Kiowa County Economic Development Foundation explained some of the grants and new messages from Ken Collins. Mr. Collins said that since Eads is a Sage Services site (“meals on wheels”), he will order a refrigerator and oven for us.

Kiowa County was blessed with rain and snow last week, and some wind. We are grateful for any moisture we can get.

The Crow-Luther Cultural Events Center board met last week to discuss the Missoula Children’s Theater in June, the laying of the bricks, expenditures for equipment, painting, and good things that Cory Crow has accomplished. Some of us are most excited for the opportunity for our children to be exposed to the world of music, acting, and theatre. Eads students will have the first chance to enroll.

Carol Warnick called to say goodbye. She will be moving to near Monte Vista with her daughter’s family, Allen, Ellen, and Caleb Lane. Their family plans to work at the Del Norte hospital. Since Carol is from Pennsylvania, she is looking forward to living in that mountain valley.

Prairie Pines has new residents moving in. I like to visit from room to room when possible. In Mary Marble’s apartment, she read such a profound poem that she had written after my visit the previous week when we talked about happenings in the world. Mary called it, “Is it you or is it me?” When Bill Woelk brought my mail in, he said that, through the years, Mary has sent poems to his wife, Charlotte.

It is good news that Eads schools is ranked seventh out of the 10 top schools in Colorado’s 177 districts. The company that conducted the research and compiled the data considered academics, teachers, clubs, administration, food, diversity, health and safety, college prep, and sports. The Eads schools, which has 203 students, was followed by #8 school Littleton with 14,988 students. The #9 school was Steamboat, which has 2.653 students, and the #10 school is Poudre, of west Fort Collins, which has 30,754 students. Just look at the differences in the number of students. Our teachers were ranked #1 for “best teachers,” and Eads was ranked fourth as “the best place to teach” in the state! Wow! I rush to add that the leadership of our Superintendent, Mr. Glenn Smith, is a major factor that Eads schools rank in the Colorado top 10! I will always remember his “speech” when he first introduced himself to our faculty. His priorities are God, family, school (occupation). He is a good man, and a thoughtful leader. We can understand why parents are willing to take a cut in salary and are willing to live in a small community to provide a more quality education for their children.

Our community offers their sympathy to Donna Owens and Pastor Mark (Deb) Imel after the loss of their fathers in other states.

Monty and Tracey Weeks and Jordyn flew to Los Angeles, California, this week to attend the college graduation of their son and brother.

The Eads baseball team played in Las Animas Tuesday. Next week on Tuesday, fans can watch them at the Eads field at 4:00 p.m. The Eads track team will be competing in Lamar this Saturday. This is the first year for a long time that I don’t have a niece or nephew competing; however, I may get to see my niece, Colby Stoker, as an assistant throwing coach.

It is sad to hear that the government is considering closing the Lamar Veterans Affairs clinic as well as in La Junta, Burlington, and other places. Many of us have family and friends who can benefit from their services. Let us write or call our legislators to tell them our thoughts about this. 

People are thankful to the Recreation Board and the Town of Eads, which donated to buy a new boiler for the Prairie Pines swimming pool.

Please attend the meal and auction of “Rent a Hand” Future Farmers of America students this Thursday at Eads High school at 6:00 p.m.