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About Town – November 27, 2019

Doris Lessenden

“Give Thanks in every situation” I Thessalonians 5:18

Last Wednesday was a special day for senior citizens in Eads and Haswell where Gail Voss and Wanda Lessenden baked turkeys for the annual Thanksgiving dinners. At Eads, several announcements were made about our future senior center. Jeff Wittman of Holly has visited some residents to help them or give advice about medical supplement insurance plans, long term care, dental and life insurance, and annuities. He is a nice man who Terri Herrell Voss said went to Fowler school when she was there. The Pollreis’ and I have his phone number. We were glad to have Marsha and Pam Mousel as guests, and also for bringing Rita Mousel in from Kiowa Creek Estates. We thanked Marsha for providing the turkeys for Gail to cook.

Rural Health Day was celebrated in Eads this year by having seven people come from the Colorado Rural Health Center in Aurora. Each year, they choose a community to honor in a different region. This year they chose Eads because of Weisbrod Hospital. The lady I sat next to explained that they visit all hospitals and nursing homes in the state. She said we had a very fine facility. This group works with a lot of data and statistics, much of which was printed in booklets for us. Mayor Joe Shields was there with his wife, Sylvia, who is Secretary-Treasurer of the Hospital Board. Mr. Shields read a proclamation written by the Lieutenant Governor, then their staff framed the long document with an impressive gold seal for Weisbrod. They gave an award to the hospital for their excellence and progressive way the staff initiates committees and programs to serve our community better. A second framed document with the Kiowa County colored logo on a certificate had the border signed by all the people who came to the presentation. Weisbrod Chief Executive Officer Char (Woelk) Korrell introduced the guests to the attendees. It was good to see all four providers, Dr. David Lenderts, Dr. Lori Thorndyke, Jessica Hyman-FNP-C, and Dawn Back-PA, there, all of whom we hold in regard and gratitude for their service. We especially are grateful for how they take good care of our veterans in this county, and as well as a number veterans and people from other towns who come to Eads Medical Clinic. I visited with a couple from north Lamar Thursday morning in the hospital waiting room, who told me they had been cared for by the Eads clinic for 52 years! One of my veteran friends went two years ago to a clinic in another town where the doctor told him, “I can’t take care of that problem, and suggested that he “go to the Eads Emergency Ward.” What a blessing for him that physician assistant Dawn Back was on duty and was able to “save” his leg. The lunch was served in the Cobblestone Inn by Maddison Kelley and Nicole Smith.

Meanwhile, at the same hour, the senior citizen Thanksgiving dinner was being served at the school cafeteria. The eighth-grade boys and girls greeted the elders and served their trays of scrumptious food to them. Mrs. Gaye Uhland’s 18 Kindergarteners recited poems and songs for the audience. Each little student told what they were thankful for.

How exciting it will be at 11:00 a.m. Saturday, December 21, to see Santa Claus, come into Eads on the rails. In my excitement that the train really is coming through town, I thought that Santa was going to be coming on the first train. However, Santa will be on a railroad vehicle, and next year the plan is for him to come in on a train. Jan Richards, the Kiowa County Economic Development Foundation Director, confers with Matt Prince, who works for the railroad company, has arranged for Santa to be bring lots gifts for kids. So, to the senior citizens that I told that he would be on a train, I think I was overly excited, and didn’t read the E-mail carefully. So sorry, but it was a fun thought wasn’t it!

Another good news note is that Matt Prince has given extra money to the Chamber of Commerce for the drawings. So, for the four December drawings, rather than receiving the usual $75 in Eads Bucks, four lucky people will receive $125 Eads Bucks! That nice man is one of my neighbors.

Family and friends of middle school basketball players are attending many ball games lately. The high school boys and girls will have scrimmages this week with larger schools.

Alice Glover’s sister, Jane, from Oregon, is spending some time with her in Eads. They went to their sister, Mary Hart’s, funeral in Pueblo recently. Our community extends their sympathy to these ladies following the death their dear sister.

County Extension Agent Tearle Lessenden took four 4-H members to the annual “Dare To Be You” camp at Camp Tobin in Pueblo last week for several days. Chase Stolzenberger and Emily Nelson were counselors and Catherine Trosper and Clayton Nelson were intermediate members who attended the sessions.

Next week news on the Bazaar and Future Business Leaders of America activities will be reported.

Happy Thanksgiving time to you readers. Let us all be thankful and have an attitude of gratitude!