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About Town – November 4, 2019

Doris Lessenden

“Cast all your anxiety on Him (God) because He cares for you.” I Peter 5:7

Ice and snow pelted our county for parts of three days, but lifted by Thursday morning so teams and their fans could get to the Lamar Community Wellness Center for the district volleyball tournament last week. The Kit Carson Lady Wildcats, Eads Lady Eagles, and the Cheraw Lady Wolverines were the top three teams who will move on to the regional tournament at Lamar Community College this Friday, November 8. Sharon Wilson and Glenda Stoker have been posting marvelous action photos of the football and volleyball games this fall. Sharon’s series of photos of the cheer section of teenage fans was a great reflection of such joy and fun at the Manzanola game. She caught close-up photos of the players also. Stop to think of the loyalty and sacrifices these two mothers make to get to games all over southeastern Colorado. Sharon lives in Sheridan Lake, and Glenda lives in Haswell, but they are still on the road to support our Eagle teams. Thank you, ladies! 

Also, we fans who have to stay home do thank the businesses who pay KLMR/KVAY radio advertisements so we can listen to the ball games. A core of boys with leadership skills have made watching ball games so much more fun this year because they have gathered a troupe of fans to cheer. The teenagers and children are having such a good time cheering for their teams. This spirit is contagious! 

Our community expresses their sympathy to the children of Donna (Bob) Miller of Arizona and their families in the loss of their mother and grandmother. Their children are Marty Miller, Marilyn Baxter, and Frank Miller of Eads. According to Marty, Donna and Bob had been doing well and have been regularly traveling to out of town bingo games. Funeral details are pending at the time of this writing.

Areta (Blooding) Laird, a Navy veteran, has been researching for years the names of men and women of our county who have been in the military service. Last summer, she walked the whole cemetery and found people from the 1800s and 1900s she didn’t know about. However, her display boards have many cards reflecting military people and their places of service. If readers know of people she may not have documented on her file cards, she welcomes a phone call from you. Areta displays these boards at the county fair and the Veterans Day dinner.

Roland Sorensen has mailed out the letters asking for an RSVP to the November 11 Veterans Day dinner. Roland was a military man, whom we should be honoring, so this writer wants to say “for the people,” “Thank you, Roland,” for your planning and preparations to make a nice evening to honor veterans and their spouses or significant others! 

Last Friday was an important day for Knowledge Bowl teams from all over southeast Colorado who competed in the regional tournament at Lamar Community College. According to coaches Dawn James and Sue Fox, the A-team did well, ranking in the top teams and the Eads B-team captured first place! These ladies also work to host the Junior High Knowledge Bowl this Friday in the high school if anyone wants to watch the matches.

Bus driver Tim Weeks drove the Eads Future Farmers of America delegates to the national convention in Indianapolis, Indiana, along with their sponsor, Miss Konig. When they return, they will only have a few days to prepare for their big fall dinner and hired hand auction at the high school gym Thursday, November 7. This is a great opportunity for businesses and individuals to buy eight hours of work from a teenage FFA member.

The next day, Friday, will find lots of Eads sports fans in Lamar at the Wellness Center to watch the regional volleyball tournament as the Lady Eagles vie for a berth in the state tournament The following day, November 9, will be the football semi-finals.

4-H families will gather for dinner and the awards banquet Sunday, November 10. It seems that our calendars are filling up with many dinners, meetings, and bazaars in November. We are so blessed to have such an extraordinary good life here in Eads America. 

Last Thursday was an important to people related to the school sports world, but it was Halloween day for some, and Reformation Day and All Saints Day to others. The younger children, teachers, and some parents had a good time dressing up in their costumes. Some of the prettiest little girls I saw in Eads and Kit Carson were dressed in satiny long dresses to look like the princesses, Elsa and Anna. One family I saw in Kit Carson at our church soup supper had two princess girls, a darling six-month-old baby dressed in a grey outfit to resemble the reindeer, Seven, and his older brother was a cute little snowman, Olaf. Their mother was even dressed in a lovely long winter dress and cape to resemble the time of people who lived in castles as in the movie, “Frozen.” In Eads Elementary, children had a parade through several town places. At night, the local Sheriff’s deputies were out with blinking lights to give out treats and talk to the youth. What fun! The behavior of the youth is much more favorable than 25 years ago because of Coach Gail Crawford!