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About Town – October 12, 2020

Doris Lessenden

“In this world you will have trouble, but take heart! I have overcome the world.” John 16:33

Some leaders of the community met together to lay some plans for a spectacular Christmas Bash Saturday, December 12. A number of exciting ideas were proposed by school Future Business Leaders of America chapter officers, Mollie Kelley and Rhealie Rittgers. These Eads school leaders were guests at the Eads Chamber of Commerce to discuss their ideas and to ask if the Chamber would be a part of this fun day for kids and adults too. The Chamber will continue to provide sacks for Santa to distribute and we will arrange to have photos of children taken with Santa. The Chamber and Matt Prince of CWC will fund prize money for a home Decoration Contest. The students will help with decorating the outside of businesses and arrange other entertaining ideas like hayrides and games to add to this street festival.

The Republican Party hosted an evening at the Plains Theatre last Thursday to learn what the content of each Amendment or Proposition means on the November 3 ballot. Mark Hillman, an informed former state official and newspaper author from Burlington, came to the Theatre to explain in a non-judgmental way the items we will be voting on. Hillman answered questions from the audience. Mrs. Dawn James’ civics students designed the slides for the event, which were projected on the big screen by Theatre Manager, Terry Riley.

Rather late last Wednesday evening we saw hard working Nancy (McCracken) Walker and Jennifer Walker in the Hometown Gas & Grill having caramel ice cream bars on a stick before they went home for supper. Nancy has been responsible for years for keeping the Eads High School building and gym in top notch condition with her janitorial skills. Jennifer works as the Eads Elementary custodian. Jennifer also cares for the elementary gym and most of the FFA building. Thank you, ladies!

This has been National 4-H Week with the theme of “Opportunity 4 All.” County 4-H members met for a large evening council meeting last Thursday. Their main focus was to elect council officers.

Six Kit Carson girls have traveled this fall to play with the Burlington Cougar Softball team, and that team has been winning each game. Those talented young ladies are Jordan Weeks, Cally Booker-Rady, Tieler Randel, Faith Johnson, Torrie Randel, and Payge Rady.

Eads girls Amber Kopasz, Lexi Lopez, Kyra Sheridan, and Rachel Kopasz have been a part of the Wiley softball team, and Madison McDowell has played on the Lamar softball team this fall. By the radio reports, they have been a positive addition to those teams.

Eads senior citizens are invited to the noon potluck at the center Wednesday, October 21, and the Haswell senior citizens will have their evening potluck at 5:30 p.m. at their Center.

One of the best places to explore lovely things, pretty plants, furniture, homemade soaps, clothes, jewelry, knives, belt buckles, and more is to spend a half hour or more in Cindy McLoud’s Treasure Shop across from the Hometown Gas & Grill. I like to just look around!

Eads Eagle Junior and Senior High School football fans gathered at the field in the hot sun at 4:00 p.m. and continued on until 9:00 p.m. for the football games, with the Eagles playing the Kiowa Indians Friday night. The Eagles won by a big score. The next home game will be October 23. The names of EHS players are Ty Wilson, Cade McDowell, Bandon Lening, Donte Sierra, AJ Vasquez, Hatch Nelson, Zach Fowler, John Brown, Taite Weeks-Johnson, Bo Arnold, Chase Stolzenberger, Porter Spady, and Damien Barnes.

During the summer people wondered who was working inside the former meat packing plant in Haswell across from the Haswell Propane and Antique store. A young couple, Tanner and Kendra King, moved to town to do the work. They didn’t advertise, but by word of mouth they are so busy that they are already booked for five months. That shows how much that type of business is needed. Best wishes for their family venture.

Thank you to Eads High School students who volunteer to do so many helpful acts of work and kindness through the years. A tip of the hat to Shannon (Barlow) Ellenberger’s FBLA chapter, who work many hours at the Plains Theatre and in other places in the community.

We have had gloriously warm sunny fall days lately with pretty fall colors in the trees and shrubs. Some days there is so much smoke that floats to Kiowa County from the forest fires on the west coast and our mountains that it causes our eyes to burn.

Landyn Week’s benefit chili supper last Saturday will be helpful to him and his parents, Dea and Samantha Weeks, to help with expenses for food, travel, and shelter while they travel to Denver to be with their son as he takes treatments for cancer. Thank you to the meal sponsors, who also provided a bake sale and t-shirts to buy.

Thoughts from Counselor Dara Randel: “Choose to be kind. Kindness shows great self-discipline. Being kind is not always easy when dealing with rude people. Choose to be kind over being right.” Dara has office hours in many towns or at schools in southeast Colorado.