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About Town – September 5, 2022

Doris Lessenden

“Rejoice in the Lord Always” Philippians 4:4

I want to begin this week by apologizing for any distress I caused in last week’s column because of my confusion about two brides similar names. There are two young ladies connected with our community - Shaelynn McCracken and Shaelynn Compton. Both were married in August. Shaelynn Compton was married to Tyler Rouse of Eads, and we do congratulate them and wish them a happy life together as they live and work in our community. Tyler works with Koehler Water Service, and Shaelynn is the Eads Clinic Manager. They were married in Eads, and Christina Wolf made their wedding cake and cupcakes. Shaelynn McCracken was married in Springfield to Rustin Robbins, and their reception was in Cold Creek Events Center where Fran L. Larrew made her wedding cake and cupcakes. Rustin works with the Robbins’ family Ready-Mix Company, while Shealynn commutes to Lamar Community College daily where she is the Director of Financial Aid. Our communities do wish both young couples God’s blessings and harmony in their lives together.

Happy birthday to 97-year-old Lil Penn, formerly of Eads, who lives in the Las Animas Bent County nursing home. Last year, Lil was the Arkansas Valley Silver Queen who represented our area at the State Fair in Pueblo. This year, the Silver Queen from the valley is our own Cathryn Anderson, formerly of Arlington, who now lives in Evergreen Home in La Junta. Lil is an extraordinary oil painter and artist. Cathryn is a Doctor of Midwifery, and chose later in her career to return to Kiowa County to care for her parents and carry on as a second generation rural mail carrier and the family ranch.

Bill Dawson, formerly of Chivington and a retired military man and helicopter pilot, had the joy to entertain friends and family after the ceremony for his wife, Aurelia, to become an American citizen. Aurelia came to America from Romania five years ago. She is a delightful lady. 

People like to watch he flags waving on Maine Street near the theatre. Bud is very sad these days since Dixie’s health has caused her to need to go to the hospital/nursing home. So, if you see him outside, and could take time to visit, that would brighten his day.

Martha Johnson of Eads (who lives in that pretty “tiny house”) has become a grandmother. Her daughter, Reagen, and Justin Woodruff, had a baby boy they named Michael Daniel.

Gail Voss, Eads Senior Citizen Center Director, was kind to come to tell me about the September brunch. They were pleased to have some people attend who hadn’t come before. Senior citizens can enjoy barbeque meals during the fair in the center Friday and Saturday. Mark your calendar: the monthly noon meal is September 21. Every Monday at 2:00 p.m. there is a “coffee hour” unless an event is taking place in the center. On the first and third Tuesday evenings people who like to play cards or games have a good time. Secretary Dana Brown is a good person to inform you of dates and times. We are looking forward to other happenings, like a new pool table, installation of fabulous window hangings, exercise classes and/or line dancing classes. Do come to view the art show in the center this month.

We extend our sympathy to Jan (Dan) Richards of Eads, whose mother, Marie Koester’s, funeral will be September 7 in St. Louis, Missouri. Jan’s parents enjoyed visiting in Eads when their grandsons, Braden and Neil, were in school.

We are sorry to read of the death of William Gary Forrest, who was an Eads High School graduate living in Idaho. He was married to Rhonda Cloyd, formerly of Haswell.

Both our local newspapers carry extensive items on the many rodeos - day and night - plus other events connected with the county fair this week. At 1:00 p.m. Thursday, one can watch the working dog and horse competition. Thursday night, there is a jackpot to watch at 7:00 p.m. Friday night at 7:00 p.m., there is a ranch rodeo, and those are entertaining to watch. Or, if you are a sport fan, you can watch volleyball matches and the first football game this year in Eads. Cheerleaders and pom pon girls will lead the school songs at halftime of the football game. After the game, people can revive old memories with the “Drag Maine” event. Teenagers don’t seem to do that anymore. Some people have asked why. Maybe they are saving gas or looking – talking - via their cell phones? It is a mystery to us.

Two popular events are the early morning Chamber of Commerce breakfasts north of the bank. We really do appreciate donations when you get your plate of food. If you would like to volunteer to serve or help, please check with Brandon Hoffman.

Congratulations to Jami Lane, who passed the state board test to become a Licensed Practical Nurse. She is now taking college courses to be a registered nurse.

Amy Johnson was chosen for the honor of Kit Carson Day Good Scout award.

Have Fun at the fair!