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Doris Lessenden
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by Doris Lessenden

by Doris Lessenden

  "Having a place to go is a home, having someone to love is a family, having both is a blessing."  Donna Hedges    My hope for 2016 is that people in our community will I indeed have happy homes and work together to have happier family life and to realize we are blest to be living in America.  There is a war, in fact many wars, let us protect our part of the world and strive to make it a better place to be.

   One of the neatest happenings last week was that the Eads Eagle 6-Man Champion Football team was invited with the other four Division Champion teams to be honored during the Denver Broncos Football game Sunday, January 3rd   in Denver.  How exciting for the young men and their families and fans!  I saw some photos of the boys holding a large banner proclaiming "Eads School--6-Man Football Champions".  Their coaches, Dustin Uhland, Trey Eder, and Chad Rouse and Principal Betsy Barnett were with our young men from Eads, whom we are proud of.

  Last week I went to three parties at Weisbrod, the first two were birthdays for Dorothy Walker and the second was George Temple.  The last one on Thursday was such a nice gathering to honor retiring Mary (Blooding) Eikner for the years she worked in the Medical Clinic.  When I read the sign about the Retirement Party, I thought, "Oh, Mary is too young; maybe she is taking early retirement."   Her cousin told me that I was wrong.  Well, "Best Wishes" to a nice lady and good singer.  I know of several groups who would welcome her as a volunteer.

   Monday evening there was an Annual Meeting of the Crow-Luther Culture Events Center group.  President Betsy Barnett presented a detailed financial report about the projects the group had undertaken in the last two years.  Theatre Manager, Terry Riley, Projected slides of facts and names of volunteers on the Big Screen as Mrs. Barnett spoke.  Some good and astounding points are how very much money has been earned or received from donations, a few fundraisers, plus the wonderful grants written by volunteer, Cindy McCloud.  One of the best changes is this year, is that the Concession Stand and movie nights have been run by a Manager.  Some managers are family groups, clubs, or businesses.   This management plan has made it so much more functional by enlisting more volunteers from the county and not just a few workers here in Eads.  Another surprising happening is that we bought an ice cream machine for $8,800.00 which was paid for in about three months???   Our town has the privilege to be grateful and proud of their work and financial support of the CLCEC and the Plains Theatre.   Caterers Charlie and Mary Vasquez served attractive trays of cheese, sausage, and crackers with wine or sparkling juice or water at the Annual Meeting.  Just viewing all the facts about different happenings within the Theatre this year was so gratifying.  This is a thriving, vibrant group of volunteers.  We welcome people to join our efforts.

     Jaryl Everist's daughters, Tonya Everist of Denver and Gay and Monte Linke and children of Granby hosted a wonderful Wedding Reception for their mother and new husband.  Jaryl of Kit Carson, CO was married to Richard Romshe in Stillwater OK on December 19th.  On New Year's Eve in the Kit Carson Gym, Jaryl's families and friends enjoyed chili and cinnamon rolls with lots of good visiting.  Then they were entertained by listening or dancing to the music of the Road Apples Band.  Jaryl and Richard have helped move her mother, Glaida Craven's, paintings and supplies from the Sage Brush Gallery on Highway 287 and Main Street to the new addition in Glaida's home on Church Street.  Glaida is giving painting lessons in her home studio now and will have art supplies there for people to buy.   Jaryl knew Richard years ago when her family lived in Oklahoma so she is looking forward to a new life there.

    The "flag man", Bud Bennett, continues to display five or six beautiful flags each day as the weather and his health permit.  Friday and Saturday he had four United States flags with a "Happy New Year Flag" displayed in the center.  Sunday when we returned from church there were many colors of flags representing Wyoming, New Mexico, California, Colorado, and Nevada.

   Dr, Deeba Nisar called me from Florida last week to ask about the town of Eads, the Weisbrod Hospital, and other friends.   She and her husband, Dr. Amad, who was one of our doctors about 10 years ago, have a nine year old daughter and four year old son. She especially wanted to know about Shirley Watts who was particularly kind and helpful to a young bride from Kashmir when Deeba lived here.

      Teresa Witte has been training to be our new Local Emergency Planning Co-Coordinator.  Now she is ready to guide us in planning for possible emergencies in the county.  She invites people to attend a meeting on Tuesday, January 19th at 6:00 p.m. in the Court House.  It would help her to have enough food if those who plan to attend will RSVP by January 15th.

    During the holidays there were more movies shown than usual.  One of my friends who moved here from New York last year, said that her mother who flew to Colorado from New York City, to visit during the holidays.  Her mother was delighted to get to go to the first movie she had been to in years.  They went to "In the Heart of the Sea".   My transplanted Eads friend told me, "It made me homesick for the smell and sound of the ocean again".   

    Thursday afternoon people all around the hospital and ECU (nursing home) were enjoying the last issue of the Kiowa Press that people can hold in their hands.  It was a bittersweet moment to me.  I could barely resist touching those issues.  Getting the Press in the mail on the week-end has been an anticipated custom for years.   There have been many humorous stories about local students getting their Press at college and sharing it with dorm mates.  I remember that my brother, Dwight, liked to get the Press when he was in Viet Nam.  When my Mother, Ida, was in the Nursing Home, Tonya Lane, who was the Activity Director, had to sort of trick her to do her group exercises and then Ida could read her precious Press.  In essence, we will miss holding the Press but now again we must change to read it on a computer or smart phone.

    Congratulations to the following four Eads Football players who were named to the Colorado All-State Team.  Readers can see photos that my friend took of them at Eads games on his Face book site:  Ark Valley Sports and News by Henry Ashida.  They are: Fred Turner, Honorable Mention, Trenton Mitchek--lst Team All -State, Reagan Lane--1st Team All- State, Player of the Year--Dylan Dixon, and Mr. Dustin Uhland, Coach of the Year.

   Our community extends their sympathy to the families of Mary Ann Hulteen who passed Monday morning.

    Some ladies at Prairie Pines were glad to get to spend Christmas time out of town.  Shelley Cotes took her mother, Betty Holthus to Denver, Blaine Batterton took his mother, Phyllis, out to the ranch for a few days, and Mary Anne Ure spent time in Greely with her son, Greg's family.

    The new Eastern Slope Rural Telephone books came in the mail last week.  We really appreciate their employee, Ryan Lane, who lives in Eads.  He is so good to come right away when I call the office for repair needs.

Here is a MatchWits trivia question:  "What is the longest street in America?"  Answer is Colfax in Denver and Aurora.