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Doris Lessenden
Doris Lessenden
by Doris Lessenden

by Doris Lessenden
"The miracle of gratitude is that it shifts your perception to such an extent that it changes the world we see." Robert Holden Ph.D. It seems to me that an attitude of gratitude every day of our life is what makes life more pleasant and worthwhile.

Teri Simmons Activities Director at Weisbrod had the idea to invite people to sing carols at Weisbrod and at Prairie Pines during their evening meal. So a number of people volunteered to sing last Monday afternoon and evening and what fun that was to sing for the residents. She had made song sheets and then quickly copied more as the evening progressed. Both facilities are decorated in very lovely manners for the enjoyment of the residents and visitors.

Denny Wall and Renee Wall have been married 50 years. They lived much of their lives northwest of Arlington on a ranch where they raised their children, Terri and Lance. Note could be sent to them at P.O. Box 307m Tonto Basin, AZ 85553. Denny was a rancher and Renee is a much loved Math Educator who taught in Eads many years where she also strengthened the Knowledge Bowl program.

As worshipers drove west toward Haswell to the Christmas Eve service at the United Methodist Church, we marveled to see a big lavender-pink moon in our rear view mirrors and a brilliant coral pink and blue sunset in front of us with low clouds that looked like the mountain foothills.

Mary Shafer handed out bulletins and candles for the candlelight service while Frankie Stoker greeted people. Rosemary Stoker played lovely carols as people came in to make a very full house. In Haswell, the Greg and Nancy Miller family and Brandi Turrcotte lit the Advent Wreath Candles. In Eads the Tim and Sylvia Weeks family and daughter, Shelby lit the Advent Wreath and explained the meaning of the candles. Pastor Claire Cassell, their new pastor this fall is outstanding. What blessed us most the Pastor's interpretation of how the Virgin Mother Mary must have felt as a young teenager to know from the Angel Gabriel's message that she was to have a baby, the Son of God. She revealed that Mary knew Joseph could have divorced her or she could have been stoned to death, or her family and friends could have rejected her but she decided to believe what God's messenger, the Angel, had told her and trust God to work out this huge problem. Another sweet happening was that at both churches she had a big beautifully wrapped gift for the Children's sermon lesson. Pastor Cassell explained that God have his best gift of all to all of us in the world, His Son, Jesus, who lived and died for us and came alive again to save us from our sins. When they opened the box there was a big red heart with the message, "God Loves You", after another layer of tissue paper there were little ceramic hearts for each child and also a candy cane.

Congratulations to Gene and Cindy Priddy on their 50 years of marriage. Before they moved west of Lamar, they lived for many years on a ranch south of Chivington where they raised their children, Wendy Fenner and Cody Priddy.

It is surprising to see how quickly the new structure for the Co-Op station is being built at the site of the former Voss-Michael station. It is big. Already people can go there to buy gas with a credit card.
Chelsy Crosby is the lucky lady who won the $75.00 in Eads Bucks from the Eads Chamber of Commerce last week. This is no doubt a blessing because she just had a baby boy, Waylon. Chelsy and A. J. Bolin recently moved into the former Melissa Peterson home on Hickman Street. We are glad to have new neighbors.

Speaking of new neighbors, Tom Davis told me that his sister-in-law, the former Jeanne Dawson, bought the Rich Hockett Home on Hickman Street. We welcome her back to the community from her home in Texas. My best memory of Jeanne is that she and Christine Brenton won awards and much acclaim for their actress skill in a stage play in high school

Bill Yohye of Tucson, Arizona asked me to greet his friends "Happy New Year", so I will use this space to share his greetings since I may not see many of you who knew him when he worked here with the County Commissioners.

Barb Diel was feeling and looking much better on Sunday than on Christmas Eve Day in the hospital. She and Jacob really do appreciate their neighbor's kindness to them.

Dannyelle Sheridan-Crow told me how nice the Children's Program was at the Baptist Church and Robin Musgrave shared also about the Children's program at the Christian Church. The Youth had the readings and the presentations at the United Methodist church Sunday since their Pastor was in California with her sisters whom she has not been with for many years. The youth at Kit Carson Lutheran Church presented the Bible Scriptures between singing hymns accompanied by Jared Weeks playing the piano. Rowdy Koch played the bassoon during the singing of "Silent Night" followed by Steve Zanstra's Homily. After the closing, people really enjoyed seeing and eating the two birthday cakes for Jesus that were baked and decorated by Jordyn Weeks and Ashlee Koch.

Valorie Brigg's care for her mother, Emma Briggs, astounds me sometimes. I don't know how on earth she pushed Emma in a wheelchair up the steep ramp at the Haswell Church, but she did. It was nice of Kent Johnston to lift Emma up into the sanctuary for the rest of the service.

Pastor Beard and his wife, Margie, led such a nice chapel service at Weisbrod Sunday. Residents also like the sound of the piano.

Rob Miller flew home from Pennsylvania to be with the Miller and Woods families.

Kenny and Elaine Lindholm were so happy to have their children and grandchildren home for Christmas.

I am sure there are many many other families who were so happy to have their loved ones to return such as the Dora Pearcey children, Phyllis Lane and Jeff and Candy Lane, "GiGi" to her great grandchildren (Lougene Jacobs) enjoys having her families around.

Charlotte Woelk has been busy cooking for about nine people for a couple weeks. She and Bill are thrilled to have their grandson, Caleb Korrell, home from the military. Christmas time is such a special time for families.

It was a joy for me to be with my brother's Virgil and Dwight Lessenden's families.

The Spady families and extended relatives had their gathering, as well as Vi Koch's family met at her home.
Lots of vehicles were around Mona Walker's home and June Blooding's home as well as Bud and Marlene Adamson's home, Trinidad and Juana Ramos's home and Marty Miller's home where they celebrated his birthday. "Happy Birthday" to his twin sister, Marilyn Baxter, who is also the Mayor of the Town of Eads.

I saw a nice sign inside the Kiowa HealthMart door, "Veterans may have 10% discount on items purchased"

I know that God has Angels around us all the time to watch after us. During the last month, I am most thankful to have had Fran Larrew, Mike Arth, Shannon Dixon, Debra Immer and Andrea Voss to "save me" from predicaments. But I am glad to say, I am learning better how to use new equipment and to "slow down".

Franklin Graham, says his father, Billy Graham's message is "Live to Give, Give to Live." Readers, there are many needy people and organizations in our Nation. Here it is near the end of 2015, maybe you could donate to a worthy family or cause?