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PROMO 660 x 440 People - Doris Lessenden
Published Friday, December 15, 2017
by Doris Lessenden

"PEACE....We pray to Thee, our Father, as Christmas comes again, for peace among all nations and good will between all men." Helen Steiner Rice. This sentence was on a card from Pastor Mark and Deb Imel. We desperately need that peace in the societies of our nation. 

Last Saturday morning Robin and I went to the bazaar in the CobbleStone Inn where, I met an attractive young lady who is Dawn Back's daughter-in-law. She, Lexi and Darin Back and their three little children recently moved to Eads. She said that Dawn is really looking forward to return as our Nurse Practioner to our clinic. I assured her that people around here are rejoicing that she is coming back to Eads America.

Another new family I met last Saturday was Matt and Jessica Hyman when they brought their little daughter, Remi, to the children's Christmas matinee. Jessica is our new Physician Assistant at the Weisbrod Clinic. She and Matt are happy to move to Eads. The young couple bought the lovely Frank and Lougene Jacobs' home on Maine Street.

Manager Raina (Kliesen) Lynch arranged such a nice bazaar in the CobbleStone of local vendors. Her grandfather, John Krentz, was there with his beautiful art pieces made of wood. How wonderful that he was privileged to buy my dear neighbor, Gerard Bachand's, woodworking tools. Raina's sister, Jamee, from Lamar, also had attractive wood theme wall hangings. From Sheridan Lake, there was Sharon Arns with Scency products and Amanda Koellor with a gorgeous jewelry display. One of my favorite booths was the baked goods and candies by Deb Kliesen and her mother, Lorna. Laurie and Joe Musgrave offered her homemade soaps and lotions and Shelby Uhland and her sister had lovely garments and accessories for girls and ladies. Vicky Doty sold handcrafted items and Christina Uhland sold wines from her HOPE Booth that supports charities.

Linda Offill told me that her husband, Jim, had a broken hip and leg; shortly after he returned from Colorado Springs a stroke hit him. Now they are home and dealing with these and other problems. Jim and his parents, Fred and Dorothy (Hollis) Offill, were some of our closest country neighbors.

One night last week there were automobiles around the Demitasse store. It was filled with ladies who were there for the fun of creating and painting big wooden boards with greetings for their porches or entry ways.

Sunday afternoon, Linda Trosper had arranged to have a number of vendors for a mini-bazaar in the north hallways for the residents. She and Teri Castle-Simmons and Tonya Lane had the spaces filled. Emily and Alexa Nelson of Haswell were in the waiting room on the floor busily wrapping gifts for the residents. People and Hospital Auxiliary members had donated $190.00 which the residents won by playing bingo earlier in the week. So that was fun for them. Teri plans to do have a mini-bazaar next year and the public can come the last hour or so when the residents have finished their shopping. I hadn't seen Mary Lou Church and her mother for many years and there they were with their wares!

Eads Eagle teams and fans made the trek three days to Lamar to the Holiday Tournament. The next home games will be in January.

Wednesday was Buddy Day at the Eads schools where the high school students were paired up with little children with whom they ate the noon meal together, played, and sat with them at the movie, "Wonder." This is a fine film with a good message to be kind and not bully other students or people. The Plainview School and the Kit Carson School will also come on different days.

I want to thank people for praying for my sister-in-law, Bonnie Lessenden, who has been moved to the Northern Colorado Acute Rehabilitation Center. Her room is 117 at 4401 A Union Street, Johnstown, CO 80534. My brother, Dwight, will have a knee replacement December 18 and then will be able to have his rehabilitation at the hospital where Bonnie is.

These are the names of the wonderful singers who sang the marvelous Christmas Cantata, "Down from His Glory" - Kemma Alfano, Alicia James, Areta Blooding Laird, Cynthia Ramsey, Gloria Trosper, Sylvia Weeks, Barbara Diel, Betsy Evans, Sue Fox, Cora Grandy, Dawn James, JaNae Voss, Pam Crow, Mary Eikner, Margaret Shelden, Gail Voss, Cardon Berry, Tom Davis, Mark Imel, Terry Laird, Tim Weeks. Anetta Maxcy, was the director, and Joel Maxcy the narrator. Tom Davis delivered a gracious welcome and interpretation of the choral selections. The children's choir was Katherine Trosper, Hailee Trosper, Macey Trosper, and Zoey Trosper.

Receiving Christmas cards and letters is so special. For me last week, it was a newsy letter from Dora Pearcey up in Windsor, photos from Bella Cimeno an 18-year-old bicyclist from Maine who stayed overnight with me in the fall, a lovely letter from Gary and Becky (King) Morgan from Denver, Floyd and Phyllis Griswould, Arizona, Mary Shafer, Frankie and Rosemary Stoker of Haswell, Harry and Linda (Wilcox) Appel, and many others.

"Happiness depends upon ourselves." Aristotle

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