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PROMO 660 x 440 People - Doris Lessenden
Published Saturday, July 7, 2018
by Doris Lessenden

"People look at outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart". 1 Samuel 16:7

It is true that we humans tend to look at the way a person looks on the surface, and we do not take time to see the inner beauty of people around us. We don't always value what God values, but if we did, we might find a treasure!

Laura Bybee and Jamie Lane organized a second year of Children's Fourth of July Parade for the community last week. It was indeed pretty, and they were precious all dressed in colors of red, white, and blue. Some children walked or drove miniature cars and cycles while others were drawn in cute decorated wagons. They just passed by so quickly or in clumps of little ones that it was difficult to recognize them, but many were shepherded by a parent or sibling. After they returned to the city park playground, they were greeted by colorful balloon play areas, food, drinks, and games. There was a drawing for Miss Fourth of July, so Addison Courkamp was crowned by Jennifer Crow who sponsored this part of the event. She gave Queen Addison a basket of gifts too. Then Jennifer and Keith Crow crowned Will Barnett with a tall patriotic top had as King of July Fourth and he too walked away with a basket of gifts. Laura and Jamie told me that there were so many generous donors that they were able to give away about 35 gifts certificates. Laura and Jamie said they had about 112 children who registered but they saw that others had joined in the Parade too without registering. These ladies are going to try to organize a group of parents who will help carry on this yearly event. They attended the County Fair Board meeting Thursday evening to offer to have some of the large activity games to be a part of the games for kids at the county fair.

The fireworks show at the Kiowa County Fairgrounds were really spectacular July 4, thanks to the Fire Department and the leadership of Terry Riley and A. J. McCracken. Spectators were gathered around the fairgrounds, in the church yards of the Praise and Christian Churches as well as around homes and streets to observe the displays.

Meanwhile at the Haswell Center there was a huge pot luck meal in the halls with diners in the senior center rooms and outside around picnic tables. Darwin Nelson was there with his deejay music. At first, he played heartwarming patriotic songs and then people were entertained with karaoke singing till late hours. I particularly was impressed with the singing of Scotty Briggs, Joe Musgrave, Mike Arth, and Dally Jo Sagner. The younger set had fun swinging, on the teeter totter, and all ages played horse shoes, and some danced on the dry grass.

Three Eads FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) members represented Colorado and Eads High at the National FBLA Convention and competitions in Baltimore, Maryland, last month. These young ladies, Hadlie Rittgers, Kaylee Wilson, and Emily Gyurman were accompanied by their Eads instructor and coach Mrs. Shannon (Barlow) Ellenberger. We are very blessed in Eads to have an instructor who cares to teach business classes and takes her students to distinct and state competitions. We also have a school board and administrative staff who encourage these endeavors.

Congratulations to Audrey Johnson of Haswell who has been holding a full-time job with the county Social Services and completed three college degrees as a student for several years. Audrey recently received her Master of Social Service degree from Metropolitan State University. She is the granddaughter of Delores Eikenberg of Haswell and daughter of Delene DeGroot of Hanover, Colorado.

Erik Melgoza, Eads High School class of 1986, has been an educator and coach for many years with the Lamar School system. His girls' basketball teams and boys cross country track teams have won a number of Colorado state titles. Erik has accepted a position with the Alamosa School district to be the Athletic Director. Erik is glad to be near his ranch and his father.

Eads senior citizens enjoyed having brunch together last Thursday morning with tasty biscuits and gravy prepared by Gail Voss and baked eggs entrees with other dishes prepared by the guests. The next monthly noon meeting will be July18.

There was a productive county fair board meeting last week. The board has many new plans they hope to implement at the fair. We encourage people living in Kiowa County to prepare exhibits for the five-day fair or to consider being a vendor or volunteering for the hometown carnival and games or to work in the beer garden which is also a new feature. 

Our hearts of sympathy go out to the many families who have lost their homes to fires during the last week which were mostly in the mountains. 

I personally do thank all the people who have helped me to close my van door during the last month. Otherwise I get locked in until after July 19 when the part may come.

Mike Lowe of "Somebody's Gotta Do It" on television stated that there are 6.3 million jobs available that do not require a formal education.