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Doris Lessenden

“The God of love and peace shall be with you.” II Corinthians 13:11

The verse above was on a card from Floyd and Phyllis Griswould. Dear Readers, don’t you just love getting the mail at Christmas time? How good it is to get pretty cards and to enjoy the letters and photos and hearing about the family members and what has happened in their lives this last year or two. Besides the cards, it is those wonderful people who come to your door bearing delightful gifts, like this afternoon, Barb Seay and Mike Arth brought me a wonderful bird house because they know how I like to feed the birds and then an hour later, here came Kenan and Ashley Gooden and their three darling little boys. They really liked my singing Mexican señor doll who sings “Felice Navidad.” That little doll was given to me by Delma Ramos years ago. Now she is a Doctor of Higher Education. I am proud of her! Merry Christmas to you all!

Many people met at the Praise Community Church last Sunday night, December 16, to see and hear the annual children’s choir Cantata. Director Jimmy Brown requires the students to memorize the songs, so it is just remarkable to see these expressive youth and to hear their fine volume and expressions of joy as they sing. The title of their cantata was “Jesus Means Christmas to Me.” It was a pleasure to hear teenagers, Paris (King) Wallace and Piper Sorter as soloists that complemented the choir. The narrators and singers were Sophie Mitchell, Kara Wilson, Aaron Musgrave, Carolina Schwab, and Lexi Holdren-Shotton. Other singers were Canyon Brown, Kai Brown, Victoria Carey, Kytan Gooden, Ayden Hose, Lacie Kraft, Harry Lynch, Presley McLoud, Riley Mitchell, Anthony Mitchell, Braylee Pharo, Itzi Ramirez, Hailee Trosper, Zoey Trosper, Jordynn Turcotte, Asher Wallace, Tucker Wallace, and Tyler Ward. Mandy Brown served as the sound technician; Anna Randel packaged gifts; Ashley Gooden, Michelle Wyckoff, Lane and Deborah Gooden served as helpers with the children. After the concert there was a reception of a variety of colorful holiday refreshments and beverages.

PICT Community Children & Youth Christmas Cantata - Deborah Gooden

Photo courtesy Deborah Gooden

Van Brown, Jesse Dienes, and Paul Kelley of the Town of Eads employees set up the Christmas time wooden cut out designs at the road side park. These are wooden cut outs are cartoon characters, pretty people, cute animals, and angels in the pine trees hovering over the nativity scene. According to a historical file I read, Sandie Kelley and other ladies were instrumental over 40 years ago in getting these art forms that give so much pleasure to local people and travelers. Since then Sandie and her late husband, Harvey, and Cardon and Joyce Berry were the main people who set these up in the road side park. So, this year, it was a relief and a good thing that these younger men, Van, Jesse, and Paul took on that responsibility.

Marvin Watson and Marty Miller were honored Wednesday afternoon since they are retiring soon after 30 or more years of service. The event was hosted in the FSA-Soil Conservation Office in Eads. These two men have been instrumental in working with farmers, ranchers, and the schools. Many people spread over the three larger rooms to have refreshments and visit and then to listen and laugh about memories shared by Dawna (Howard) Weirich, who applauded them for their great work and cooperation with her office staff. There were many people who attended from other area offices and lots of farmers (men and women) who were appreciative of these men and their good work through the years. 

PICT Marvin Watson Marty Miller

Marvin Watson and Marty Miller. Courtesy Dawna Weirich

Patti (Frazee) Warren’s husband, Tom, was buried in the Eads Cemetery Tuesday at noon. Local family members and friends went to Rolla, Kansas, Monday to attend his funeral. Patti, formerly of Eads, and Tom have made their home in Rolla for 33 years where they have three young adult children, Justin, Chelsea, and Colton.

A large group of Prairie Queen 4-H members and some parents, and towns people met at the Weisbrod Extended Care Unit and the Prairie Pines at their evening meal hour to sing carols. At the ECU, Rosemary Stoker played some of the carols on the piano She has been such a blessing to play the piano morning, noon, and night while her hip heals. These 4-H members were such excellent singers. Thanks to Jodi Stolzenberger and Gloria Trosper for gathering up the 4-H members for this event.

Last Wednesday was the monthly Christmas dinner for the Eads and the Haswell senior citizen’s groups who enjoyed sumptuous meals thanks to their directors, Gail Voss and Wanda Lessenden. Luke Vocke, the Eads Postmaster, plans to supply the food for the patrons and senior citizens January 16 as a “thank you” since he is retiring and moving to Montrose.

There have been many Christmas parties in the communities besides those mentioned before. Employees were treated special at the Hospital District party by Department heads. The Kiowa County employees had a big pot luck supper one night. Some employers had in-house parties or a bonus. One of the favorite times for kids was the Big Buddy Day where high schoolers ate lunch, walked with, and sat with their assigned grade school student at the movie theatre.

Remember, it could be inspirational to attend one of the Christmas Eve services in Haswell or Eads.