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Doris Lessenden, Community Columnist
Published Saturday, May 7, 2016
Doris Lessenden
by Doris Lessenden

By Doris Lessenden

"Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies."  Pslam 23 :4-5

Mother's Day is this Sunday, May 8.  It is early this year so do remember those phone calls, or cards or candy, or flowers, or what ever is your tradition, sons and daughters.

Thata and Gary Hart sent a card to me last week.  Now they are headed for a tour of Ireland.  I remember that Betty Crow and Loretta Seibel really liked their trip to Ireland a few years ago.  They had lovely photos to show us.

May 6th is another Middle School Track meet and District Baseball play-offs that day too.  Our students have been competing in stellar style.  To watch these athletic events in person is great but we also like to see the posts of photos by Honeybelle Dixon, Glenda Stoker, and Marty Miller.

Virgil and Wanda Lessenden were directors of the annual spring 11- day Bus Trip.  Last week 45 people boarded the big touring bus to travel across several states to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with many stops along the way coming and going to visit museums and other shows and sights.  In Topeka, Kansas, Virgyln Griswould and several relatives of the Watts families came to visit them and Floyd and Phyllis Griswould.

Kelly Lujan sends his greetings to local friends.  He and Jane have been glad to have visitors in Albuquerque, New Mexico, from Eads:  Marty Miller, Bob and Renee Woods. 

A belated "Happy Birthday" to Bob Woods!

It was very good of the Sheriff's Deputies to take the Rock Climbing Wall to the Plainview and the Eads After Prom Parties till early morning.  It really made a hit with the students.

Kevin Costner, one of the favorite of many people, is starring in "Criminal" on May 6 to 8th at the Plains Theatre.  Movie goers might like to circle their calendars for the delightful animated show, "The Jungle Book" to be shown on May 13-15th.

A number of FFA members left early Sunday morning for competitions and educational experiences at their end of the year contests at Colorado State University-Fort Collins.   Their FFA Awards Banquet is this Thursday, May 5th.

Greg Ure and his son, Ryan, visited his mother, Mary Ann Ure, who is in Weisbrod Hospital for a while having rehab therapy.  Mary Ann was pleased that her son, Marshall who drives trucks all over the country was in Pueblo to meet her when she went there for surgery on her arm.

After the Weisbrod Chapel hour, Mike Arth showed his photos that he took when he and his mother, flew to Washington D.C. to visit his brother, Matthew Seay.  He and Barb enjoyed touring the Capitol city and seeing the historic sites. As well as visiting with Chandni Merchant who came from Philadelphia to visit them.  Pastor Tony Jensen and Cheryl Wyatt led the chapel Service Sunday representing the Praise Church.

Pat McGee of La Junta called the Eads-Cheyenne Wells baseball game last Tuesday on KLMR.  I have listened to him for years calling the State Wrestling Matches.  He chose Steve Wilson as the "Player of the Game".  Trey McDowell was named "Player of the Game" at the Eads Holly game on Thursday by Ethan Denton of KLMR.

It is amazing how quickly school and activities are winding down.  Next week the FBLA students have a banquet on Monday evening and on Tuesday there is an Academic-Athletic Awards Banquet.   On Thursday the 12th of May Mrs. Monica Uhland's music classes will perform their concert that is preceded by the Pre-school concert.  This is one of the most anticipated events of the year.  Mrs. Uhland has been such a blessing to the youth of our school since we lost our instrumental music program. We are thrilled that she has taken time from her busy mothering schedule to share the beauty of music and they do get outstanding instruction in singing and music appreciation.

Sunday, May 15th at noon there will be a lunch at Jackson's Pond for "Kids Fishing Day".  Game and Wild Life staff will talk to the youth and parents about fishing and the contests.  They also can supply a fishing pole to kids.

Sunday evening, May 15th is the EHS Baccalaureate service hosted by the county Ministerial Fellowship which the local pastors are hosting at the Praise Community church at 6:30 p.m.  The community is invited to the service to honor the Eads senior class and the reception.

While I visited Eads High School Monday morning, I went away so pleased to see how orderly and quiet it is.  The motivational signs and locker signs are so attractive and the bulletin boards are really great and neat too.  Administrator, Glenn Smith and Principal Betsy Barnett were conferring in the Principal's office.  They are cordial and such fine leaders of our school.

Some people may wonder who the new ladies are in the CSU Extension Office are in the Court House.  The Administrative Assistant is Karen Jones who first lived in Eads when she worked for the McDonald Oil Land Service a few years ago.  She liked Eads and came back to resettle in here.  She hails from Texas.  The other lady, Brittany Bowman, also was a Texas resident.  Brittany is extra busy with 4-H activities and other duties as the Extension Agent.

It is good to see that George and Dorothy Ellicott have returned from wintering in Arizona.  They made the circle to visit their families after returning to Eads.  They spent several days in Brush house sitting for granddaughter, Summer and Dustin Owens, while they went on a mini-vacation.  Summer is the Financial Administrator for the Fort Morgan Hospital.  They went to Juanita, Nebraska, to visit daughter in-law, Ivy, and Granddaughter, Allison and to buy sacks of flour for the ladies around Colorado who make bread.  Later they visited son, David and Tammy and Tyler in Platteville and had a big birthday party for three family members.   The party was hosted in the new home of Matt and Sarah Ellicott.  Their baby girl had three great grandmothers at her party.

Another social event that Readers may like to attend is the Annual Meeting of the KCEDF-  Kiowa County Economic Development Foundation on Monday, May 16th. This will be a free box supper in the Plains Theatre, a program, and up-dates on financial ventures in the county.

Robin Musgrave went with me to the very large funeral of our friend Perry Middleton in Lamar.  He was a well loved and respected business man and friend to many folks. Perry was only 62 years old with seems young to me.  Readers, I remind you again that "life is fragile."  Let us be ready for when our time comes to either go up or down.  In my opinion too many people put off making plans for their funeral.  I ask you, "Have you written your will?"  Do you have insurance or a plan for your funeral?  Have you written a list of your possessions and to whom they will go?  Do you have a Power of Attorney?  Do you have an emergency plan for extra money in case of a sudden illness or natural disaster?  I urge you to plan ahead while you are still able to do so.