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About Town – October 4, 2021

Doris Lessenden

“The Lord is my light and my Salvation.“ Psalm 27

Last Tuesday at 7:15 a.m., I was astounded when I looked out my west kitchen window and saw a rainbow! I quickly rolled to my art room, and it was there, too. So, I went out in the middle of the street to see that it was indeed a full rainbow stretching across the middle of the town of Eads! What amazed me was there was no rain, no moisture. Yet, when I came out a little later with my camera, the rainbow was even brighter. It was such an awesome sight! Four hours later I went to the Prairie Pines to visit some residents. When I went to see Mary Marble, the first poem that she read to me was her thoughts about a rainbow! She is an awesome poet. Life is quiet and peaceful at Prairie Pines. One lady, Mina, tells me every time I visit with her, “I just love it here!” Tuesday, she was playing solitaire with her new cards while Amy Barton was cleaning her room.

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Betsy Barnett told the Crow-Luther Cultural Events Center board that the engraved bricks have been delivered from Florida. One of these warm days the board will be setting them out on the sidewalk to get a vision of what it may look like before the whole sidewalk is torn out and the tree is removed. This is such an exciting venture, and people will no doubt be so eager to see where their brick or block is set in cement. The Board is firming up plans for a wonderful “Merry on Maine” for December 5 from noon to about 8:00 p.m. which will end with an outstanding musical show on stage in the Plains Theatre.

Friday was an emotional day for many workers in America who were faced with losing their jobs if they didn’t have a vaccination for COVID-19. I am ashamed that I didn’t read the front page of a newspaper completely to inform myself of the meeting with the Kiowa County Commissioners about this issue that has been passed down to us from the state and federal governments. So, I didn’t know about the meeting. I usually try to go to as many meetings or events as I can. I will be eager to know what can be done. Bobbi Uhland sent me a very informative e-mail about the political control in our nation today. I am making copies for people. There are eight points. The first statement says, “Healthcare--Control healthcare and you control the people.” Frightening.

Note: Facts about COVID-19 and the vaccines are available at and

David Adamson’s celebration of life was Saturday at the community building where family and friends had a bountiful meal and service led by Lane and Deborah Gooden. We regarded David as a friendly good educator and Elementary Principal for many years in Eads.

Weisbrod Hospital has had many improvements lately. Men have been working for weeks with tons of rolls of blue wires as they set in a new call system. My lady friends seem to like it because they can just press the alert button around their neck, and it summons a nurse to help them. I do want to encourage some men and women to come to the coffee hour Thursdays at 9:00 a.m.

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Weisbrod Memorial Hospital in Eads, Colorado. © / Chris Sorensen

Our friend, Joe McCaleb, who formerly was a physical therapist at Weisbrod Hospital, has relocated from the Denver area to Lamar, where he has his office. I can share some of his calling cards. He is a capable friendly man, who has helped many people in eastern Colorado, including me.

The Colorado Prairie Quilters in Haswell appreciate the recent donations sent to help them sew more quilts. These expert seamstresses, Carole Spady and Michelle Nelson, are associated with the Stitch in Time group in Lamar. Although they may appreciate donations of fabrics, they could use money more for buying matching fabrics and batting for the quilts they create for veterans in our county.

Daily, swimmers continue to appreciate the beautiful swimming pool in the local Prairie Pines Assisted Living Center. This is such an asset to our community. Do call to buy your pass or ticket and plan times to swim for your better health.

Family and friends of Kathy Garrison are invited to remember her with her children at the Praise Community Church Saturday, October 9, at 2:00 p.m.

Linda Trosper mailed invitations to possible vendors for the November 20 Weisbrod Hospital Auxiliary Bazaar in Eads. If readers are interested in the bazaar, do call her or an auxiliary member. Michelle Nelson of Haswell is the lady to contact if you want to be a vender for the Haswell Bazaar October 16.

Other dates to keep in mind to help you be more social include the senior Sage meal is October 6, and brunch is October 7 at 10:00 a.m. The noon lunch and business meeting is October 20. Every Monday at 2:00 pm is coffee hour at the senior citizens center in Eads, and people go there to play cards on the first and third Tuesday nights at 6:30pm. Meeting in small groups is mentally healthy for most people, such as these gatherings at the center or at the cafes or the grill or elsewhere.

Grandparents are important in the lives of children and teens. If you are blest to have grandchildren, I hope you will spend time with them.