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Doris Lessenden, Community Columnist
Published Tuesday, February 9, 2016
Doris Lessenden
by Doris Lessenden

by Doris Lessenden 

"Love One Another....Kindness is in our power, even when fondness if not".  Anon.

Linda and Larry Watts went to dinner with her parents, Ron and Joyce Howard, of Arapahoe Saturday evening to celebrate their 62nd Wedding Anniversary. Congratulations to a wonderful couple.

Lois McCracken (86) quietly passed from this life Friday afternoon.  I was sad for me to be just minutes away from telling her how proud and glad I was to see her interviewed the night before on Rocky Mountain PBS TV.  The show was about the Towner Bus Tragedy in our county.  She related her memories of when the children who lived through the blizzard were brought to her family's farm.  Our sympathy is extended to her children, Andrew and Nancy, and their children.  Lois had been quoted in a number of historical books on this subject.  What a legacy!  Lois' service was scheduled for Wednesday at l0:00 a.m. at the Eads United Methodist Church.

Lougene Jacobs and Tom and Lana Hoffman flew recently to Dallas-Fort Worth to visit their grandson and son's family, Preston and Rachel (Puls) Hoffman and three little children.  Preston works in the day time and attends Southwest Baptist Seminary at night.

Irma Krehbiel was delighted at her 96th Birthday Party in Weisbrod ECU to have her favorite served:  Cherry Pie and Ice Cream!

Delores Rector of Eads flew to Anaheim, California to visit her older sister, Patsy, age 92 who Delores was glad to find her doing really well.  Her friends said the flight staff took such good care of their friend Delores.

Lola Igou's granddaughter, Abby, visited her last week end from Fort Collins.We enjoyed visiting with them at the Prairie Pines "Coffee Hour".

Dominic Hernandez was able to attend the Eads basketball game at Kit Carson with his father, Jose Hernandez last Friday.  Dominic seems to be healing from that heart operation.  

Dr. Jamie Yakel, Podiatrist from Longmont, told me that of the three Cobblestone Inns' that he stays in that Eads is his favorite.  Especially the Eads staff like Peggy Blodgett.

The Eads Champion 6-Man Football Team was to be honored at the LCC Basketball game Tuesday with Trinidad.  Doug Uhland was recognized as the "Coach of the Year" and Dylan Dixon as the "6-Man Player of the Year".

Eads Football Player, Rhett Uhland, had an essay published recently on "The Feeling of Being a Champion".  Rhett is also a good writer and speaker as well as singer and athlete!

Lila Blooding May was buried Feb. 11 in the Cheyenne Wells Cemetery beside her first husband, Harold Kreger.  She is a cousin of Opal Kunze Miner of Eads.

The Eads FBLA students sponsored an All-School Bronco Dress Day last Thursday.  The student winners received Eads Bucks.  The photos revealed creative modes of dress mostly in bright orange and navy blue.

Praise Community Church folk led the church service Sunday with Pastor Tony Jensen and Cheryl (Simmons) Wyatt.  Mike Arth favored the group by singing, "A Little Boy Named David".

Christine Cuzzetto Brabb of Pueblo sent word that Brent Ritter's son, Sam Ritter, age 38 passed recently.  He is the grandson of Ken and Alline Ritter.  Ken is remembered as  

a highly esteemed Industrial Arts teacher in Eads.Mrs. Brabb was the Home Economics Teacher in l955 to l959 at Eads High.

Sharon Frazee surprised the over 55 age group with a great Southwestern Brunch Thursday morning.  We sat around tables covered with red, white, and pink cloths and pretty Valentine Ceramic figurines painted by those talented "Ceramic Ladies".Sharon served a thick egg-sausage-veggie casserole and smothered burritos with a mysterious pink creamy ambrosia, ginger muffins and elegant apple lattice pastries and beverages.

 It is nice to have Teri Castle back to work at Weisbrod ECU.  She and her assistant, Tarynn Lane, have decorated the walls and halls beautifully with red, white, and pink Valentine motifs and Sunday in the TV room there were many reminiscent "Bronco" designs on the walls.And speaking of the Broncos.....most people are excited and so

glad that the Bronco Football team of Denver won the 50th Super Bowl Championship trophy over the Carolina Panthers.  A sixth grade boy visited my home last week.  He is a Vikings fan. He told me, "Because my Dad is a Vikings fan."  Then I learned that his Dad is from a Northern state,
Chavaun (Glover) Hammer was here this week-end to visit her family.  She is a senior in the University of Colorado-Denver where she plans to get her doctorate degree this spring.

It is nice to see that adults from the community can enjoy swimming for exercise at the Prairie Pines.

 "Make me a gentle person, Lord. One who doesn't quickly react in frustration to every annoyance that comes my way.  Give me a spirit of self-control and patience." Anne Cetas

 I thank the local businesses who pay for advertisements on the KLMR and KVAY radio stations so that we who have to stay home from wrestling matches and basketball games can hear them. The next two week-ends I plan to listen to many hours of the wrestling tournaments that will be in Pueblo and Denver.

This is a sad time for we who have been members of the Artists of the Plains Gallery for 15 years.  Because of the economy, the Gallery has had to use nearly all its income to

pay for the utilities since we haven't had enough income from sales of the fine works of arts inside.  The Gallery is nearly empty now.If there is an economically feasible place available, the artists might be interested in a new site.  The buyer plans to build a diesel mechanic shop in this area.

The new Co-op Building on north Highway 287 is looking more complete every week.  Now many windows have been installed.  Through the day and night there are usually several trucks parked there.  According to Manager, Mandy Adamson, people can buy gas at the new station with a credit card but not the Consumers Patronage Card at this time.

Reagan Lane was chosen to be the "Outstanding Wrestler of the Year" for two straight years at the Eads Invitational Wrestling Tournament.  Congratulations, Reagan!!

Basketball fans can see two basketball games in Eads this Thursday and Friday with South Baca and Cheraw, respectively. 

The movie this week on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday will be "13 Hours" which isIt is about the controversial war and attack at Benghazi.  This is still an unanswered problem to our national defense and the safety of our service men in the war that still continues and the Hillary Clinton E-Mail mystery.