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Doris Lessenden, Community Columnist
Published Wednesday, June 1, 2016
Doris Lessenden
by Doris Lessenden

By Doris Lessenden

"True heroism is remarkably sober, very undramatic.  It is not the urge to surpass all others at whatever cost, but the urge to serve others at whatever the cost".  Arthur Ashe

Twelve seniors graduated from Eads High School Saturday afternoon.  They were: Cody Back, Bryce Batterton, Dylan Dixon, Savanna Gyruman, Rustin Jensen, Reagan Lane, Brooklyn Lenox, Brandon McCormick, Trinton Mitchek, Brittanie Newman, Will Palmer, and Chyann, Sewell.  Alicia James played the processional music on the keyboard then Chyann Sewell welcomed the audience.  Dylan Dixon, Salutatorian, and Rustin Jensen, Valedictorian, delivered heart warming speeches.   School Board members, Ralph Berry, Jessica Sierra, Keith Crow, Marlynn Eikenberg, Larry D. Gifford, and Marty Miller presented the diplomas to the Class of 2016.  Principal Betsy Barnett awarded the scholarship packages and told interesting facts about each student's achievements and goals.  She acknowledged the senior class liaisons, Sue Fox and Joe Wagner who also teamed with Candy Batterton and Jeff Lane to sponsor the senior educational trip also.  Mrs. Fox planned an amazing trip for the students with many kinds of activities like sky-diving (inside), huge plastic bubble bumping, tours, and other site seeing ventures in Estes Park and Denver.  Changing of the tassels and Farewell speech was by Savanna Gyurman and Brittanie Newman respectively.   Principal Barnett and Mrs. Mary Vasquez work to help the students garner thousands of dollars in scholarships and awards.  Academically top ranked juniors, Fred Turner and Micah Crawford, were the Escorts to the seniors.  Best wishes to a really outstanding class.

Nancy McCracken Walker was the presenter for the four Alumni Scholarships which were awarded to:  Savanna Gyruman the Alumni Scholarship, Rustin Jensen received the Harvey Kelley Scholarship; Brooklyn Lenox the Lucille Crow, and Brittanie Newman received the Cathy Lohman Woelk Scholarship.  Trinton Mitchek was chosen the Alternate.  Ms. Walker stated that we need up-dated addresses for these and other students.  Readers may call Nancy at 438-5606 or Verna Ebright at 438-5536 or Kim Richards at 438-5811 to give new addresses.    We are appealing for volunteers to help plan and organize the 2017 All-School Reunion.      Governor Hickenlooper and his entourage came to Eads Friday afternoon.  He was greeted by Commissioners Cindy McLoud and Don Oswald on Maine Street in front of the three buildings that are being renovated.  Dr. Alexa Roberts and six uniformed National Park Rangers were on hand along with a number of people from Denver and representatives from the Native American tribes.  After going inside to see some of the buildings they enjoyed ice cream at the Maine Scoop and seeing the restored Plains Theatre.  The plan was to go out to the Sand Creek Massage site but since there was so much rain the night before, Linda Stavely and Pam Weirich and other staff at Prairie Pines quickly moved the tables and set up 40 chairs for the group to come there for statements by the dignitaries.

Pastor "Preacher" Beard received a much deserved award from Tim Weeks at the Masonic Lodge community dinner.  His plaque named him a Recipient of Excellence for Volunteer work in the Community.   Delbert Beard is a much loved and respected man in our town for his quiet pleasant personality and manner.  He has been on many ambulance runs and EMT calls.  Many of us are sad for us but glad for him to be moving to Oklahoma to "retire" and be an ambulance driver in Lawton.

The Arlington and Haswell communities were blessed to get over an inch of rain last Thursday but the town of Haswell had a lot of down trees and lost items .  Colby and Blake's trampoline disappeared.  Later someone spotted it over south in Glen and Deborah Davis' pasture.  Shane had to call off the branding cattle until next week. 

The Glover family is rejoicing with daughter, Chevaun Glover Hammer who earned her Doctorate Degree in Pharmacy from the University of Colorado-Denver last week-end.  We also extend our most sincere sympathy to Koy (Kelley) Glover and her mother, Donna Heddles, whose sister and daughter, passed last week after battling cancer a long time.  This is a sad time for the family.

When I went to visit Renee' Woods in the hospital, I found her in a wheelchair and busily crocheting another afghan.  She has three colorful blankets in progress for her young granddaughters.

As I was leaving the ECU-Hospital last Tuesday, Teri Castle was orchestrating a Hawaiian Luau on the patio with Nurse, Wendy McDowell at the Tiki bar.  She and the staff served strawberry dakaris in coconut cups with munchies.  The residents sipped and swayed to the music of the Beach Boys.  One lady, who had been to Hawaii played the piano of the table and sometimes and moved her arms like a graceful hula girl.  Jose Hernandez had lit tall Tiki torches along the balcony.  Below in the patio, little girls were playing with a hula hoop; it was a lovely and great evening.  Thanks to Teri for all her decorating with green fringes, tropical flowers, hanging parrots and supplying all those "grass skirts" and bright sun hats.

Last week Trinity Lutheran Church hosted a community VBS -Vacation Bible School in Kit Carson.  We had lots of children and teen helpers and adults who taught Bible accounts on the theme hymn, "Christ Our Leader".  Melody Mitchell of Kit Carson is an absolute marvel to me as a foster mother and mother.  She has 12 children now in her home and among them are three sets of twins.  Our mission this year was to collect money to ship a container of clothing and non perishable items to the island of Haiti.  Our member, Brooke Crawford, who is a student at Fort Hayes University in Kansas, made her second trip there to serve.  She is thrilled that people are asked to bring goods to Trinity Lutheran Church during June so we can get them to the Orphan Grain Train Center in Holyoke, CO. in July.  People can leave things on my porch in Eads if they want to help the children with this effort.

One of our long time-faithful Eads school bus drivers, Bob Laird, has passed.  His visitation is Wednesday at 2:00 p.m. at Peacock's Funeral Home in Lamar with the funeral in the Lamar Christian Church on Main Street at 10:00 a.m. Thursday.   Bob's burial will be at 2:30 p.m. in the Eads Cemetery.  We extend our sincere sympathy to his wife, Janet, his son, Terry Laird, and family of Eads, and his daughters, Cheree and Melody, their families.

There is going to be a first ever Flee Market, Silent Auction (a lot of vehicles and machinery) is out there now, and horse racing.  This is the "June Jubilee" on Friday and Saturday June 3, and 4th.  Let's check it out to see the vendors and get a bargain.

The last Thursday of each month at 9:00 a.m. will be the monthly "Red Hatters Coffee Hour" at the ECU.  Teri has made gorgeous red hats for all the lady residents.  Other ladies from the community are encouraged to come to join the visiting and treats.

The Eads Cemetery looks so pretty with most graves decorated with lovely flowers.  I heard that Larry Wyatt may be the caretaker now.  That is good!