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Doris Lessenden, Community Columnist
Published Friday, January 22, 2016
Doris Lessenden
by Doris Lessenden

by Doris Lessenden

This is a post from a 16  or 17 year old boy in Eads, Avery Snover, who is well liked  by many people.  He works at Crow's Grocery Store and the Theatre so he sees people from different walks of life.  "As you get older you start to see who was raised properly.....so many people lack basic respect." 

  There is another little baby boy on Hickman Street.  His name is Kyce Rainard who was born to Kenan and Ashley Gooden.  His big brother, Kytan, is looking forward to having a playmate.

   For about eight years while Alicia James was in high school and college she was invited to sing the National Anthem at University of Colorado ball games in Boulder. Last Sunday afternoon they sent her two tickets to sing before the Men's Buffalo game.  Her sister, Jessica was here from New Mexico, so she sat with Alicia and their parents bought tickets for the stands. 

   Eunice Weber's niece, Kelly Matthews Hasker and husband Darrin, had a baby girl, Lily this month.  Kelly formerly was a Kit Carson girl and my cousin's daughter.  We are glad they moved from Kansas to Colorado Springs.

   Dominic Hernandez a 2015 EHS grad, had open heart and lung surgery last week at Children's Hospital.  He and his family welcome prayers for his healing and the extreme pain that he has been experiencing.  His mother is Tristen Fagan Sheridan the Administrator of Weisbrod Hospital who no doubt has had a lot of anxiety through this last week and I know lacks sleep. 

   Last Tuesday Kit Carson middle School came to town to play basketball and with them there were lots of fans of all ages came to the games.   

   Lois Teixeiria was so delighted with her 95th birthday party at Weisbrod.  And then when her son, Terry Riley, strolled in she was really joyful.   One of his brother's families sent a bouquet of beautiful coral lilies that really made her day.   Her joy reminded me of when the Ramos family gave me a bouquet of 18 lavender roses at Christmas.  I loved sharing them and still have some in my cool art room.  Readers, I ask you, when was the last time you bought some flowers or a plant for ones you love or like?"

   After the "Coffee Hour" at Weisbrod some of us went to the brunch at the Eads Senior Center that Sharon Frazee prepared for us.  We always look forward to this and anticipate what entrees Sharon will cook.  Those pancakes, sausages, eggs, and apple fruit ambrosia were great.  What a good time for seniors to visit.  Remember, it is usually the first Thursday morning at 10:00 a.m.  

   The Eads Wrestling Team went to meets in Limon and Walsh last week and will be leaving this Saturday morning at 4:45 a.m. for the Strasburg meet.  There are some fine photos of Trent Mitchek, Reagan Lane, and Rhett Uhland in their meet in Lamar on Henry Ashida's Ark Valley Sports and News site.  People can see a lot of his photos of various games and happenings there.

   Dawna (Howard) Weirich delivered Sage "meals on wheels" Friday, so it was a good chance to ask about their son, Daniel "Boone" Weirich. They travel most every week-end to some state or Colorado College to watch their son "throw".  He is on a Colorado State University -Fort Collins Track Scholarship.

   Polly (Howe) Gyurman's mother, Debbie, and Ken Baker came all the way from Lakewood to see her two granddaughters, Savanna and Emily, play basketball Saturday.

She said it was well worth the trip.   When they came, little Kennedy was helping her mother, Polly, sell tickets for those beautiful Booster Club baked goods.

   Sandie Kelley called me to visit.  She was tickled to see that our former band teacher, Jose Rossy, was at the Acorn Theatre in her hometown of Three Oaks, Michigan.

Sandie said that when she flies back to Chicago and then Michigan, she always likes to go to that Theatre and Club.  I remember when I first began to go to Crow-Luther Cultural Events Center meetings that Sandie always had so many good ideas.  We still miss her innovative thoughts and creativeness in our town.    In fact I told Betsy Barnett at the last meeting, "When Sandie Kelley was here she had the dream of a wedding dress fashion show." 

  Wow, what a Bronco game Sunday evening!  Rather nerve wracking but it ended in a victory again.  We have lots of Bronco fans in our church.  It was fun to watch the children and parents in their Team Player shirts and gear Sunday.  This week the teen girls also had Bronco headbands.

   The weekly "Coffee Hour" on Fridays at the Prairie Pines was more special last week.  They are good about "celebrating" at the Pines.  It was employees, Cindy Newman and Talli Lane's, birthdays so we shared their special cake with our coffee and tea.  It was also "hat day".  Lois McCracken and Bunnie Larrew looked especially attractive in their hats.

   This Friday, January 22, is the Annual Invitational Knowledge Bowl, organized by sponsors, Mrs. Sue Fox and Mrs. Dawn James, at Eads High School.  Nearly every teacher and staff person of the Eads schools plus many volunteers from the community serve as Readers, Timers, Scorers, and in other ways to make this an important big event run smoothly.  The public can watch some matches after about 9:00 a.m.

   That afternoon, McClave School will be coming here at 4:00 p.m. for the basketball games.  Our boys and girls did well last week, except that the Boys team really felt the loss of two injured players, Caden Parker and Trey McDowell.

   At the Crow-Luther Cultural Events Center meeting we heard the good news that two different families had donated well over $2,000.00 to the CLCEC for the projects.  We do appreciate these benefactors and are so glad that these good people care for culture and progress in our town.    Elise Crockett, the new county employ, told us about her plans to have a dinner on Valentine's evening with entertainment and good food prepared by Caters, Charlie and Mary Vasquez. 

    Apparently "Star Wars" is very popular with lots of people because the streets were lined with a many vehicles when the owners went to see a marathon of "Star Wars" movies over the course of two weeks and then this last week-end the "Star Wars VII The Force Awakens" played.  This week-end movie goers can see "Daddy's Home" and the last week of the month is "Revenant" starring Leonardo DiCaprio will be shown.  This is a top rated movie.  

   from Avery J. Snover---"I've seen better days, but I've seen worse.  I don't have everything I want, but I do have all I need.  I woke up with some aches and pains but I woke up.  My life may not be perfect, but I am blessed."