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Doris Lessenden
Published Saturday, May 13, 2017
Doris Lessenden
by Doris Lessenden

By Doris Lessenden

"Lord, our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth!" Psalm 8:1

After five days or more of cloudy rainy days, it was just glorious Friday to wake up to bright sunlight and to watch my gardener friend, Mike Arth as he moved his weed eater and lawn mower around my yards. The big clump of Grandma Jenny Crow's yellow roses are blooming early across from the City Hall, and all about town the irises that usually bloom in late May have been blooming since April as well as white spirea bushes are gorgeous about town.

One of the most heartwarming sights I saw last week was a video of the Eads senior class as they walked through the hall of the Elementary School that was lined with all the students who clapped and cheered as the seniors clad in their purple gowns and mortar boards paraded by. There were lots of high-fives but best was to see how kind Caden Parker was when he shook hands, embraced some students, or patted them on their heads. What a joy to see. It brought back a memory of his father, Russell Parker, speaking at a Thanksgiving service after 2007, when he said how glad he was that they could raise their boys in Eads. He complemented then senior boys, Kenan Gooden and Kevin Lindholm, who were then seniors and on the outstanding football team. He said these young men always took time to greet the children on the playground and that had meant a lot to his sons.

Many ladies were pleased to enjoy Wanda Lessenden's Mother's Day Tea Party at the Haswell Senior Center. She and her daughter, Glenda Stoker, set the tables so beautifully. This time they used aqua placemats on lace with aqua napkins to complement the clear bluish bubble dishes. I told Wanda that I hoped she had enough cookies left so she could take them on their big bus trip in June but she said, "No, son, Shane, had come by and loves those lemon cheese cakes and she was taking a bucket of lemon cookies and other cookies to Kansas for Marisa's graduation. Several Lessenden and Dixon family members were heading to Hays, Kansas, to attend Marisa Dixon's graduation. She will remain to work for the University and attend Graduate School.

John and Katie Philpy have been in Oklahoma to attend the graduation of their son, Charlie Philpy who is now officially, Dr. Philpy. He will be working as an optometrist in Frisco, Colorado. Congratulations to Charlie!

It was surprising to see McClave school buses on Maine Street one morning. Some grade school students were on a field trip by coming to the Plains Theatre to a movie, then eating out, and spent time at the golf course where Tom Richards gave them a lesson on the history of the Golf Club house which used to be a school house in two different sites. Before the children returned to McClave they had ice cream cones at the Maine Scoop.

It was great to see all the cars on Maine Street Thursday evening and to see lights in the Senior Center where people around the tables playing cards. It surely is good that this 

tradition has been revived again!

Congratulations to Logan Smith who graduated from the University of Colorado-Colorado Springs last week. Logan was an outstanding scholar who was in the President's Leadership Class. His next journey will take him to Graduate School in Fort Hays State University to study to be a school administrator and counselor.

This has been "National Hospital Week" and there have been some really fun days of "dress days." One of the best days was "Dr. Seuss Day" when the staff wore costumes they had made related to Dr. Seuss characters. I didn't know about "fox in a box" or all those blue fish, and those other delightful characters. The other best day was Derby Hat day. The women surely created some fabulous tall, flowery, be-ribboned hats. Teri Castle and Kelly Darnell made pretty posters and signs for each day, they made little hats for the residents to wear, and other activities too numerous to mention. They are a super team who has the knack to get others involved. Tracey Weeks came from Kit Carson to give the lady residents Mary Kay facials for the big barbeque which was so patriotically decorated indoors and outside in the patio. 

Kevin Seifkas keeps the yards and rose bushes at the hospital looking so pretty. Years ago, Sandie Kelley planted a rose bush that she dedicated to my niece, Deana Griswould, who passed in 2000. Her sister, Dreama Buck, and I noticed that it had a pink rose blooming on her birthday, May 8th!

Shannon Barlow Ellenberger, advisor for the Future Business Leaders of America hosted the annual banquet which was catered by Charlie and Mary Vasquez Monday evening. She gave pins and awards to various members. Several members won outstanding awards at the State Conference in Vail and through the year.

The Eads Future Farmers of America hosted a brisket dinner for, according to Secretary Mindy Uhland, 36 members and 96 guests. Their Advisor, Lindsey Todd, and the officers gave numerous awards that the members had won during the year. Outstanding leader award was given to President Lakota Roberson. She delivered a memorable farewell address. Rhett Uhland and classmate Dustin Nelson sang and played guitars for dinner music. The chapter voted to induct Mike and Martha Johnson to receive the "Blue and Gold Award" thus to be honorary members of their chapter. Their daughter, Morgyn, delivered her award-winning Creed speech. New officers for next year were inducted with Mariah Smith as their President-elect.

The Eads-Kit Carson Baseball team played in the State quarter finals Saturday in Denver. They won their first game over the Kiowa red and orange team.