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PROMO 660 x 440 People - Doris Lessenden
Published Saturday, August 12, 2017
by Doris Lessenden

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not unto your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths."

County extension Agent Jeremy McNeeley and Secretary Karen Jones hosted a new and improved annual 4-H Achievement Day and Awards Program. The really nice new feature this year is that the boys and girls who received a grand champion ribbon, were given a $50.00 Visa Gift Credit Card from the bank paid for by the local donors. Those donors were Tom and Cathy Davis of the HealthMart, Tim and Gloria Trosper, Darrell and Jodi Stolzenbeger, 2 times, W and W Farms, Mikel Wagner, Eric and Shannon Ellenberger Farms, (2 awards) Kiowa County Abstract Office (Kim Richards), Crows Stop and Shop (Keith and Jennifer Crow). Family and friends paid out big money to 15 4-H'ers who offered food at the Food Auction. Mr. Jeramy McNeely said the auctioneer must have forgotten to come so at the last minute he asked Tearle Lessenden to do the job of the auctioneer. I thought he was really good and so personable with the children. The exhibits were high quality as usual so I think those youth whose projects get to be sent to the Colorado State Fair will do well. Thanks to the hard working 4-H leaders and the supportive parents. We were impressed with the Council leaders, Molly Stolzenberger and Ryan Koeller who served as Mistress and Master of Ceremonies.

The Crow-Luther Cultural Events Center Board met last week. They reported that the Maine Street Scoop really sold a lot of ice cream and the Food Court vendors were highly praised. I appeared that they all ran out of food so that is a good sign. Raelynn Riley told me that the families from Thailand plan to have a Thai booth at the county Fair. We have a different band than first planned but this young man, Braydon Zink, is highly praised by Alicia James who learned about him in Texas during her college days. Betsy Barnett says he is from the Sterling area and the Caliche Schools and is an outstanding country singer. Rhett Uhland will also have an hour or two of singing and his guitar music as well as music from KVAY early in the evening. The Maine Street at 13th Street will be opened for those who don't go to the All-School Reunion Banquet. Terry and Betsy will have free kids' movies in the Theatre during the evening.

The Weisbrod Hospital Auxiliary met last week to hear of ways they can support and work with the ladies of the Activities Department, Teri Castle-Simmons and Kelly Dunlap. They have been doing many new things like hosting the Prairie Pines residents to play Bingo with them last Friday. Then on August 25 the Extended Care Unit residents are invited to their weekly Coffee Hour during their Hawaiian Week.  They often need staff or volunteers to help push in the quick "Walk and Roll" around to Maine Street or to get ice cream. This week they are going to visit the lovely Demitasse Coffee Shop and go to town to shop.

Some members of the Chamber of Commerce went to welcome the Co-Owners of the Demitasse Shop and Gym, Cathy Davis and Chelsea Davis, to the Chamber.  These ladies have a thriving business on Maine Street. Last week, at the last minute we couldn't go to welcome Bart Michael because he had a service call and four of our members couldn't be there.  Kevin Davis finished the new bar and tall stools for sipping drinks as one looks out on Maine Street. This is another one of the lovely little nooks to visit or study, as one enjoys a latte or iced drink.

Chelsea Davis is the new Volleyball coach at EHS. Before coming to Eads last year she had been a middle school educator in Oklahoma. She is assisted by Ty Williams. She says they are really doing well.

Excitement is growing at the prospect of 45 cash prizes to be awarded on September at the Prairie Pines Board meeting. The more $50.00 tickets that are sold will insure a higher amount of prize money for 45 people.

Several Fair Board members have reminded me to tell readers that there are more exhibit classes for people over 70 years old.  In the arts and photography the classes are divided for Advanced/Professional and Beginner. Likewise, there is an Open Class and a Class for those overage 70 in Fancy work and Quilts. Please do pick up a Premium Book at a Post Office or a store or the Extension office to make plans for what could be brought to exhibit Wednesday September 6, between 5:00 and 7:00 pm or Thursday morning by 9:00 a.m.  Let's make this Fair be the best ever.


PICT - Eads High School - KCP Photo
Eads High School © Chris Sorensen / KiowaCountyPress.net

Eads School began this week with elections of officers and homecoming court in high school. The classes are small with a few new students.  There are eight young men playing on the golf team at tournaments at Fowler and Swink this week. A couple of these young men who are physically able will be also playing with the 6-man football team which we already knew would be small in number before school began, just because of numbers. A couple of girls will drive to Lamar to play on their softball team. College dual credit classes will be offered through Lamar Community College. We have fine educators because the Board can retain good teachers. Let us continue to support our students and educators by attending events such as Open House August 25 and ball games.

When I visited the Weisbrod ECU residents Monday afternoon, they were making scrapbook pages and listening to great music. When I asked if that was one of the CD's that Dee Foxworthy made for them last year, the said "yes!" Of course, his mother, Pansy Foxworthy likes those tunes too. It was heartwarming to me to watch how this dear 101-year-old lady responded with animation to the songs that Lane and Deborah Gooden led and sang at the Chapel Service August 6.

Most people in the county are thrilled or pleased with all the rain we have been getting. My brother, Virgil Allen and wife Wanda, says it is some days not so pleasant because they get stuck in that adobe soil because they live right near Adobe Creek. It seems that the water doesn't sink in so much but pools up. Oh, but the grasses around the country is growing wonderfully tall!

Crows Stop and Shop and Tereso Valenzuela have been selling really good watermelons and cantaloupes.  They have other healthy fruits and vegetables for patrons.