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Plains Network Services & Kiowa County Press Welcome Demitasse

By Jeanne Sorensen

Plains Network Services and the Kiowa County Press are pleased to welcome Demitasse to downtown Eads Maine Street.

Chelsea Davis had a vision of opening this unique center for some time. Getting others on board was challenging at times.

Chelsea and Cathy Davis, Chelsea’s’ Mother-in-law, had approached me just after the first of the year about my building on 1213 Maine Street. At that time, Jeanne wasn't interested in selling, renting or really doing anything with the building but sure, they could look around. A week later they were back. It was perfect for what they wanted, (I didn't even ask what their plans were until closing sale of the building), but I was dragging my feet: after all I had been in that location for 10 years and had accumulated a lot of computer parts, not to mention some of the retail inventory was still there. Finally, I came to the realization I was living in the past and it was time to let go.

Chelsea, Cathy, Kevin, Tom Davis and everyone who has worked on this dream have done an outstanding job. I took my first tour of Demitasse and WOW - blown away. It's not what I expected but whole lot more. It's amazing what can be done to old spaces.

When Chelsea first told me of her dream for fitness center, my thought was doing exercise- throw a mat down and jump around couple of times (for those of you old enough to remember Jack LaLanne).  When she started talking about equipment that was being stored and needed to be put to use, I started coming on board with her vision. What a great way for those of us who work all day to let off a little steam by "pumping some iron" or getting on stair-stepper and out of the elements, on our time not a class time.

I delayed taking a peek during renovation. I knew the work ahead and wanted to be surprised. Surprised I was. Great job! Not only the carded weight and exercise equipment room, but a tanning bed, nails salon, and massages.

And what about the name Demitasse? What is Demitasse [dem-i-tas, -tahs] French meaning half-cup - small cup used to serve strong coffee or espresso. That's upfront, an area that has completely transformed. Sit down for that morning cuppa.

Chelsea also finds time to repurpose and refinishes items as well and will be selling plants. We can't stop her creative energy.

Plains Network Services and the Kiowa County Press want to help Chelsea and Demitasse get started on the road to a better YOU.  Enter to win a one month pass to the Demitasse Gym. The drawing will take place on Friday September 1, 2017. You need not to be present to win, but can only enter by signing up at Kiowa County Press/Plains Network Services at 1208 Maine Street Eads, CO