PROMO 660 x 440 People - Doris Lessenden

About Town – April 8, 2024

Doris Lessenden

Jesus said, “Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me,” Matthew 25:40 NIV           

Holy Week in Eads was more special this year for those who attended the community Good Friday services hosted by Praise Community Church. The glorious piano and organ music was played by Jimmie Brown, Annetta Maxey, and Kent Frazee, accompanied by the Praise Band, primarily by drummer Kyton Gooden. In the beginning, the sanctuary was darkened for a silent video of Jesus and His disciples at the Last Supper, and as they went to the Mount of Olives, then Jesus’ betrayal by Judas. As the choir sang, we saw Jesus humiliated and beaten, and the illegal trials during the night, climaxing in His death on the cross. Jimmie Brown had arranged a large spontaneous choir who volunteered to sing on the stage after they came in. Many of them had sung in the Christmas Cantatas for years and enjoyed singing together. It was a particularly joyful night for me to hear the soloists, Ashley Gooden, Alicia James, Kyce Gooden, Sylvia Weeks, and trio of Brenda Fickenscher, Cheryl Wyatt, and Andrea Buller. Pastor Mark Imel and Pastor Deborah Gooden gave clear readings of Jesus’ Passion from the scriptures about Jesus’ suffering and sacrifice for all people who believe in Him. Thank you from those of us who attended. We were blessed, and felt the closing blessing by Pastor Lane Gooden. One more special memory as Sylvia Weeks found a recording and photo of the “Gals for God,” who were a popular singing group in our community in the 1980s and 90s. Their song, “A Perfect Heart,” was played as we viewed the photo and sang with them. The group was organized by the esteemed Philomene Liesen and included Cheryl Wyatt, Kathy Shade, Sylvia Weeks, Areta Laird, Barb Seay, Carla Gifford, Mary Eikner, Lynn Puls, Debbie Carlstrom, Pam Crow, Nancy Walker, Marilyn Forbes, and Sandy Jones.

For six years, I watched the Easter egg hunt at the courthouse lawn from my van. I always marveled to see the hundreds of eggs scattered on four sides of the courthouse. This year, I rolled right down to the action-packed center, where organizer Kelli (Berry) Cordova encouraged the children to sign up for pretty cellophane baskets of lovely gifts and toys. After the hunt, she kept announcing, bring your blue eggs to me. I wondered why so many little ones sat right down and started to open their plastic eggs. Some eggs held the promise of a bicycle or other prizes. Bryalynn Eder was taking photos north of the brick garden house that had been decorated with pastel foil eggs and spring designs. One clever shot was of Carrie (Roberson) holding one triplet boy, the handsome blue and white bunny held the little girl, and the father, Greg Neal, held the other little boy triplet. They are about five months old, and so cute by the photos their grandmother, Shawn Roberson, shows to me.

PROMO Government - Medical Weisbrod Memorial Hospital Eads Colorado - Chris Sorensen

Weisbrod Memorial Hospital in Eads, Colorado. © / Chris Sorensen

I am often asked how I like living in the Extended Care Unit at Weisbrod Hospital. I like it. We have good food, and we have good care. I like the bubble baths with turbo jets. My pastor, Tom Barton, comes from Lamar on Sundays and quickly gets into my van and drives us to Kit Carson where he preaches again, and I get to go to my church. So I am very blessed. Jaton (King) Wallace offers us many opportunities for entertainment and games. Easter holidays and April Fool’s Day were fun. When the residents played Bunny Bingo and won a game, she handed them an egg with not less than 75 cents in it. Easter Sunday afternoon, we enjoyed sitting in the sun and watching some of the employees’ little children find eggs in the upper and lower patios. If you should happen to visit us, look on the west hall bulletin board where you can see pretty paper eggs with a little chick that we watched our third grade “adopted grandchildren” color after we had treats with them and watching them find eggs here.

The Eads Chamber of Commerce met at JJ’s Restaurant Wednesday. We made more plans for the May 19 Kid’s Fishing Day, and announcing the “Volunteer of the Year,” “Citizens of the Year,” and “Business of the Year,” which will be announced soon. It was reported that the new Dollar General store may open soon.

A sale of t-shirts is in progress for the benefit of Shea (Cordova) Johnson, who works at the Eads Clinic. Shae is a single mother of three children and diagnosed with cancer.

A huge thank you to the leadership team from Kiowa County Hospital District who planned the annual health fair last week.

Thank you, also, to the sports writers and photographers who inform fans about our local sports teams. Three Eads boys are listed on the All Conference and Defense Team: Porter Spady, Brently Lenning, and Stockton Mitchek. Anna Woolert and Tailee Weeks-Johnson were named to the All Conference of High Plains First Team. Bailey Sierra , Lexi Shotton, and Alessanda Paez were listed with the Honorable Mention team. State-wide, Kendall Pelton was Coach of the Year from Cheyenne Wells, and Carson Noe of Cheyenne Wells was Player of the Year for the 1A Division.

Do enjoy the spring days.